Deek is a Romani word for looking. As in “deek and you shall see”. We are a group of former Skype engineers and managers who got tired of the byzantine collaboration methods in product development today.

Remember the parable about the six blind men describing an elephant? Each one feels just one part of the animal and much confusion ensues. Until a sighted man walks by and sees the whole elephant. Our software should be that man, the dude that deeked. Hence our tagline – “Deekit. See the whole thing.”

Software startups are our natural customers. However, Deekit can restore sanity to any product development team whose collaboration system is found lacking. From where we stand, it looks like a forest out there.

As we grow, more weird and wonderful people will join us. For now, the following founding mothers and fathers are keepin’ it deekin’.

Erki Esken
Founder & Designer

You can find Erki in the vicinity of the Technology Meets Liberal Arts signpost, that Steve Jobs made so famous, extending his hands in both directions helping bridge the chasm between these two worlds.

He hopes to wield his well-honed coding and design skills surmounting the heap of technical challenges ahead, as well as he does his ice axe and crampons in the cold mountains of the World. No peak shall be off limits to him.

Asko Tamm
Founder & Creative Engineer

Asko brings 12 years of system design and administration experience, including seven years at Skype. He’s gone from managing web systems to managing backend systems to managing database tools development. “NodeJS, Python and Linux are my friends,” he says. “I’m lucky to work with many of my friends at Deekit.”

Asko is a believer in the less-is-more school of thought. He loves snowboarding, biking and technical tinkering, be it cars or computers. For any concerned Philosophy majors out there, worry not. Asko’s got a B.S. in Computer Science. And two amazing kids. So he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Andres Nirk
Creative Engineer

Ask him. Ask him what matters. “The idea, that’s what,” Andres will tell you. Everything else is just a matter of effort, he says. While you absorb that truism, we’ll just carry on with his bio.

Unlike most of us, he seeks to understand what’s going on behind the technological curtains. How does he do that, you ask? By tinkering with stuff in ways that void the warranty, of course.

Andres plays several musical instruments. He could just listen to music. But no, he wants to “tinker” with it, too. How are the rest of us supposed to feel in the presence of such a multitalent? We’re fed up and we ain’t gonna take it any more! Then again, we probably will. With Andres providing the soundtrack.

Kaili Kleemeier
Founder & CEO

Kaili isn’t popular among dots with social phobia. Because she likes to connect them. Engineering to business to design to users. As former Operations lead at Skype, she’s scary good at it. Kaili’s background is in art, dancing, networking, building payment systems, managing incidents, and constant change. It’d be intimidating if she weren’t so great at making people feel at ease. While still being demanding. Like a soft mitten that contains Terminator’s mimetic polyalloy grip.

Unlike T-1000, she admits to total weakness towards art, great design, movies, good books, music, coffee, and mornings that start late. Awesome.

Kristo Mägi
Founder & CTO

At Deekit, Kristo’s goal is simple. To make software that lets smart people innovate and help mankind evolve further. “Reducing the gap between science fiction and today,” is how he puts it. (We said simple, not easy.)

Kristo knows that science and technology can solve any task. It’s only a matter of reasoning, resources and efficiency. So when you talk to him about theory, make sure you know how to apply it. “Knowledge without understanding where to use it is wasted knowledge – and time,” he says.

Strong words. But a friend says Kristo puts his sentiment to work every day, “He lives and breathes technology and can create bulletproof architecture before his first coffee.”

Margred Lilienbach
Creative Engineer

Margred is still a novice at creating stunning designs and innovating the next big thing. Or so she says. (We suspect that’s just an amusing act.) Because she’s been living and breathing tech for years. And when it comes to putting herself in the customer’s shoes, she’s as good as they come. Both feet firmly on the ground and unmoved by grand visions that ruin great software.

Risto Novik
Creative Engineer

A proud Linux user, Risto has a soft spot for open-source projects and volunteers to test them sometimes. Meanwhile, he got his Bachelor’s in informatics. Apparently no one told him to stop, because he’s now working his way through Master’s studies. All in the service, Risto claims, of his interest in new technologies and their possible use in everyday life.

If you wish to avoid him, travel to a hot desert location. Death Valley, Timbuktu and Mars come to mind. You see, Risto finds beauty and peace in Estonian forests and cold, biting winters. And that’s just how it is.

Blake Moore
Creative Engineer

Roaming the world and working as a growth marketer at the same time. Blake is always on the search for picturesque views and kick-ass WiFi.