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Design sketch in Deekit

Work with a real-time whiteboard.

Work faster and better by collaborating in real-time. Seamlessly collaborate in meetings and discuss ideas with stakeholders.

Explain your ideas visually in under 5 minutes. Draw, write, upload images and embed any content from web on your whiteboards. Collaborate with your team, in real-time.

Easy to team up.

Simplify your communication by getting everyone together. Create and share your concepts with anyone you work with - your team, your customers, your friends.

Invite everyone into your team or share each whiteboard separately - it's entirely up to you.

Easily set up teams and invite friends to collaborate in Deekit

Board Grid in Deekit

Flexible and simple ideation and collaboration.

Add context to your ideas and projects on your whiteboards with powerful collaboration tools. Pin long notes with specs and details, post-it notes with comments, sketch around images and more. Easily export your boards and share with anyone around the world.

Manage and find your whiteboards.

Manage all your boards from a searcheable dashboard. Edit details, invite new members - all in one place.

Easily set up teams and invite friends to collaborate in Deekit

Board Grid in Deekit

Stunning visual whiteboard templates.

Create your own templates, moodboards and stylesheets or use existing ones.

Built-in whiteboard templates allow you to brainstorm and collaborate with everyone - create marketing plans, sketch app design ideas, plan your business or even manage your sprints.

Learn what Deekit can do for you.

Collaborative meetings with remote teams using online whiteboard

In meetings –

hold remote whiteboard sessions and use the whiteboard as a natural extension to your audio or video calls.

Website design sketch using online whiteboard

In design –

create concept drawings, design layouts, discuss the user experience or get feedback on designs from your team and your customers.

Business plan mindmap using online whiteboard

In business –

plan your product visually, create roadmaps and brainstorm new ideas. Quickly map and plan your business using our whiteboard templates.

Developers discussing architecture usign whiteboard

In engineering –

explain architecture visually, bring out bugs and issues in your software, discuss workflows and carry out retrospectives using our whiteboard templates.

Capturing visual notes with online whiteboard

Public speakers and sketchnoters –

prepare talks and visual sketch-notes and share them with anyone. You can even do collaborative sketch-noting with a group of people.

Students collaborating with online whiteboard

In education

entire classes can participate in the discussion. You can unify the classroom by having all materials and notes instantly shared with everyone.

Join thousands of teams who already collaborate together in real-time.

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