Since our launch, we have been thrilled and grateful for the support you have shown towards our mission to connect people and make collaboration visual and easy.

Millions of drawings, writings and notes have been added into Deekit since. With the amount of ink that has been drawn on our whiteboards, we could have many trips to the Moon and back.

We’ve come far and thrived in many ways — but we also faced challenges. Our biggest challenge came last year with one of our founders and CEO falling very ill. We gave it our all, but regret to announce that it is time to say goodbye. Deekit whiteboards will be closed and erased on June 29th, 15:00 GMT.

All your boards are available for export and download until then. Here’s a quick guide with screenshots, in case you haven’t exported any of your boards so far. After the date, all services and accounts will be closed and all data erased, too.

This whiteboard is erased. Now what?

We’d hate to leave you wondering where to find a good replacement. So here are some of real-time whiteboards out there besides Deekit that we love and recommend:

Realtimeboard – all the features you might need are there and they are doing an amazing work to bring in more all the time.

Web whiteboard – no signup needed, start whiteboarding just like that.

Awwapp – whiteboard that has been around the longest, they quite recently got a new design and look too.

Sketchboard.io – simple and beautiful real-time whiteboard.


Thank you for your support and for sharing this journey with us. It was our privilege to have you as part of our community.


To happy collaborations,

The Deekit Team