Design sketching with remote team using Deekit.

Work with a real-time whiteboard.

Deekit is an online whiteboard for you and your team to draw, write, edit and add other content. Together, in real time.

A canvas for remote teams to share ideas, brainstorm together, discuss complex problems, plan product or business.

Deekit thinks like you.

In a world of clutter, simplicity is bliss. Deekit is designed to be simple. To know what you want before you want it. It provides the right tools when needed and keeps them out of the way when not. We cannot read minds, but we learn fast.

Tools available in Deekit

Easily set up teams and invite friends to collaborate in Deekit

Easy to team up.

Life is about the things we create together. Drawing means giving a shape to your ideas. You can literally draw your teams together.

Create and share your concepts with anyone you work with - your team, your customers, your friends.

Save time.

Use your time for generating new ideas. Discover different content types and tools most suited for you. Take a break from the routine documents, endless emails and work on new concepts. Draw, write or play with images, all in one place.

Working remotely with Deekit

Deekit is for everybody.

Designers, developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, teachers, students. All creative people use whiteboards daily – to brainstorm, to share knowledge and to solve complex problems. Deekit makes these discussions simple and fast, especially for those working remotely. Deekit benefits you, your team and your class.

Learn what Deekit can do for you.

In meetings – Deekit is perfect for any whiteboard session and works as a natural extension to your audio or video calls. Remote team members can participate in real time.

In design – Deekit is great for concept drawings, designing layouts, discussing the user experience, getting feedback on designs from your team and your customers.

In business – you can visually plan your product, the roadmap and brainstorm new ideas. In addition, analyse business challenges and opportunities using our templates such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Business Plan, SWOT Analysis and many more.

In engineering – you can visually explain architecture, bring out bugs and issues in your software, discuss workflows and carry out retrospectives using our templates.

Public speakers and sketchnoters – can use Deekit to prepare their talks and visual sketch-notes which then can be shared with anyone. You can even do shared sketch-noting with a group of people.

In education – you can let students anywhere take part in the discussion. You can unify the classroom by having all materials and notes instantly shared with everyone.

You can get started with Deekit for free.