224 Slack communities that will give you superpowers

Who knew there were so many awesome Slack communities to check out? We've found 224 of the best (yes, that's not a mistake). Jump in and start soaking up the Slack goodness!

With over 5 million daily active users, Slack is a powerhouse. With numbers like that, it’s more than likely that if you work in a startup or tech you have the little criss-crossed logo booted up whenever you’re working.

Along with the work-related teams, some of you will have some other relevant communities you’re hooked on. To anyone who is only making an appearance on their work-related chat, do you know what you’re missing?

For those that have multiple teams logged in already, how about some more?

We have put together a mind-boggling list of 224 Slack channels for you to check out. These will cover many of the areas of expertise on your team and a good chunk of the interests people have too.

Dive into the collections below by clicking the links. Once you’re on the collection, follow the prompts to generate the list on your very own Deekit whiteboard and you can click through to any of the sign up pages you like… if any tickle your fancy. 😉


Technology – 140 communities

There is a high probability that your team has one or two (probably more) technology fanatics within it’s ranks. So we compiled 140 of the finest technology related Slack teams on the planet. With everything from front-end development to native apps, you’ll be sure to find some like-minded people here.


Tech London

Connect immediately with creative entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers & freelancers in London.


HackerX is chat community of hackers and makers from all over the world to facilitate networking, Q&A’s, feedback and more.

Tech Masters

Slack Community of entrepreneurs, technologists in Toronto and surrounding area, focused on Technology, Startups, and Learning.


Danish developer and design community.

Dev Chat

Another chat for developers


Russian DevOps engineers


Sass-Chat is a channel for designers and developers who love writing Sass.

Network to Code

Community of network engineers discussing network automation


Another one coding community


For our friends in the southern hemisphere, DEVANZ is a group of +800 developers in Australia & New Zealand. Come here to geek out about technology and coding.

Spark Post

Email delivery services

Code Newbie

Code Newbie is a community of people learning to code and the supportive programmers helping them grow. f you’re a seasoned pro, share some knowledge and get some karma points. Code Newbie started out as a Twitter chat, and still remains one of the most active chats of its type.


Community of those who are fluent in Clojure or thinking to start learning

Grafana Labs

Open platform for analytics and monitoring

People Geeks

Place for geek people with gadgets — new trends, the best articles, new connections

ZA Tech

South African tech community

Focus Asia

Professionals from the tech and startup scene in Asia. Paid access — $49 one time entry fee

Irish Tech Community

Slack channel for people interested in, or working in the Irish tech industry


Belgian community of tech-minded people

Vancouver Developers

Vancouver-based developers community

Build In Bombay

Indian startups and tech scene on Slack

Devs PL

Community of Polish programmers


Community focused on programming courses in Russian


Japanese Slack chat focused on tech topics with numerous audience

Coders Mexico

Mexican coders community on Slack

NYC Tech

New York City tech talks


Atlanta area group for all professionals involved in technology


Tech talks for Washington, DC about different frameworks and programming languages

Chicago tech

Chicago tech gang


Place for developers based in Nashville to keep in touch


Philadelphia developers community

Denver Devs

Community of developers from Denver area

Software Craftmanship

The software craftsmanship movement Los Angeles squad


Portland Slack instance that helps startup and tech community stay connected


Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for popular UI components and interactions. Join their thriving community of over 7,000 members and learn the latest Bootstrap tips and tricks.

Udacity Front-End Nanodegree Programme

Udacity front-end nanodegree program talks


Connect with a community of +2000 highly qualified front end developers, and join in on discussions ranging from JavaScript, CSS, Angular, to funny cat videos.


Talk to the other frontend devs. Learn from others and ask questions. Share your work and find gigs.


Web development training project

iOS Developers

A Slack community for iOS developers with over 15000 members.

Android United

A friendly Slack community for Android developers with 350+ members and counting.


Swift programming language community


Web framework for Swift

Android Dev BR

Slack group of Android developers from Brazil

Expo Developers

Online meet-up spot for mobile development discussions

Fuse Community

Platform for mobile development

Android Chat

Place for conversation between developers, idealists, entrepreneurs and geeks

Ionic Worldwide

vancouver-based developers community

Cocoa Developers Club Russia

Open chat for API and programming environment for iOS and Mac OS X


Group to discuss Go language


JavaScript library for real-time web applications


Open-source JavaScript web framework, based on MVVM pattern


Lightweight library to get full advantage of Web Components


JavaScript compiler


JavaScript web framework


Open-source app platform built with React and powered by Meteor


Open source REST and realtime API layer for modern applications


Programming language for the JVM, Android and the browser.


PHP framework community


Chat to be at if you are Python developer

Python Community

Python language community

Ruby on Rails Link

Ruby on Rails developers from all over the world

Ruby Developers

Ruby & RoR Slack group


Talks about Elm (programming language that complies to JavaScript)


Large community of Elixir-lang fans to keep in touch


Erlang programming language


C++ gurus


A Slack community for React JavaScript Library (including Flux, React Native, etc)

Angular Buddies

A Slack channel with 1000+ top programmers/noobs all passionate about AngularJS.

Ember Community

All things Emberjs are discussed, including help, addons, user groups, releases, conferences, and more!

Watson Developer Community (WBM)

IBM Watson Developers

Data Discourse

Talks about Big Data

DevelopersWorks Open

IBM developers within educational portal


Place for Geeks of Big Data

R-Team for Data Analysis

Global chat for learning and exploring the R data analysis tool

Data Quest

Slack chat where data scientists from all over the world connect

Data Scientist/Spark ml Group

Discussions on data science and machine learning by Apache Spark, Python Scikit-Learn, Scala Breeze, R or any other topics on big data domain

Data Scientist

Data scientists, data warehouses, and BI-related things

Bot Developer Hangout

Community of developers for Slack on Slack

Motion AI

Chatbot platform and bot store


Online conference about bots, AI, and machine learning


Open source voice assistant

Chatbots & AI Group

Bot & AI enthusiasts who help each other learn, build, and promote chatbots across various platforms


Open-source ecosystem to create and manage bots

Recime Community

Slack group to get development help and chat about bots


Chatbot platform for business


Cloud services provider and backend as a service company

Cloud Foundry

Open source platform for enterprise cloud applications

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Community

Application hosting and analyzing data on Google’s infrastructure

Zeit Chat

Cloud deployment service and free global DNS


Continuous deployment cloud hosting solution for web applications

Convox Public

Cloud solution for app building and hosting

Calico Users

Free and open source project to simplify, scale, and secure cloud networks


Open guide to Amazon Web Services

Rest Azured

Discussion on all aspects of Microsoft Azure, ask questions and get answers

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

A nonprofit organization of cloud native applications and computing, containers, micro services, central orchestration processing, and related projects


Cloud management system


Open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud

Cumulus Community

Web-scale networking solution for enterprise clouds


Official Craft CMS group


Everything about CMS Drupal and a bit more


Open source CMS called Concrete5

Sitecore CMS

Integrated .net CMS, commerce- and digital-marketing platform

Visual Composer

WordPress page builder plugin

Ninja Forms

One more WordPress form builder


Community for the teams of people who contribute to the WordPress open source project


Open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications

Mac Admins

Place where many of OS X Admins belong


Open source object-relational database system


Graph database

Windows Admins

Worldwide chat of Windows admins


DevOps clan

Chef Community on Slack

Continuous automation platform and automated infrastructure for applications

Puppet Community

Open-source software configuration management tool and it implementation


Place to get to know pipeline-based CI system written in Go

SQL Server Community

SQL Server, DevOps, & Business Intelligence group


Backend platform combining GraphQL+ AWS Lambda


SQL database management system

Gis Devs Slack

GIS developers talking about GIS and everything relevant

Signal K

Open source universal marine data exchange

Hyper Track

Live location tracker APIs and SDK

The Spatial Community

Community of geospatial enthusiasts, developers, GIS professionals, students, and hobbyists

Deep learning on Udacity

Deep Learning community on Udacity

AI Researchers

Artificial Intelligence Slack chat

AI Meetup Series

Various offline AI events

Machine Learning Group

ML experts


Open Web Application Security Project

DFIR Community

Security folks interested in Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Binary Ninja

Reverse engineering platform

SAFE Network

Secure data storage and communication platform to suit needs of those who care

Write the Docs

Collection of conference series and local events focused on software documentations


Simple solution to documentation, digital writing and publishing


Text editor


If you’re a QA, Engineer, Product Manager, designer or any person dealing with testing software/hardware, that’s the place for you.

Testers Chat

Chat with software testing professionals


Slack bot that announces nearby pokemon to channel(s)


MMO strategy sandbox game


Slack community for gamers to chat and play video games

The Unity Developers Group

Place where Unity game developers gather to recount their adventures in the wild


Marketing & Growth – 17 communities

Many of your teams will have some marketers or growth people among them. Maybe you are one of them? Startup teams can often be small and this sometimes means if you’re in a marketing role, you struggle to find others to shoot the sh*t when it comes to marketing (unless you have a marketing aficionado for a CTO like we do!).

To fill any voids, in comes Slack. Some of the marketing-focused communities really are kickass. Full to the brim with useful hints, tips and ‘growth hacks’ as well as a place to forge partnerships.



Startup & Business – 29 communities

Okay, so if the previous two didn’t push your buttons then this selection definitely should. Here we have pulled together 29 of the most cutting-edge startup and business communities on Slack. All have their own unique flavor, but all rock in some way or another.

Looking for some advice on that term sheet? This is your place to ask. Need to find a CRM solution that solves all your problems? Well, someone here will probably know that too!



Hardware & Gadgets – 27 communities

From VR to self-driving cars, there’s a lot happening right now when it comes to hardware and gadgets. This list is for the forward thinkers. The innovators. If you want to stay in the know on the newest technology out there then you should probably add one of these communities to your Slack stack.



Design-focused – 11 communities

You don’t have to be a designer to love these teams. All you have to do is have an appreciation for the creative things in life. When it comes to design there’s nothing better than actually speaking to other creatives and getting inspiration from them. In the world of startups it can be easy to spend all your day with people driven by data. So mix it up, and share some creativity bombs with those who appreciate it.



So there you have it! 224 awesome Slack communities for you to dive head first into. Although we would love for you to spend all day on Slack we know that’s not necessarily good for productivity. But why not let Deekit help?

You can sign up for an account for free or check out one of our plans for a 14 day free trial, no credit card required.

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Hi, Blake. Awesome list. Can you add Product School’s Slack community? We are over 25,000 people across the world. Would love to be a part of this post: https://www.productschool.com/slack-community/

Join the Best Indian Fun group Here
Create Account | Slack

Please include “IoT Geeks” an emerging technology community. 3451 members & counting

Please add Social Decay to the list!

Discuss how social media effects society, relationships, and the individual. For better or worse. Join us to share articles, resources, stories, ideas, frustrations, and laughs.

Request Access: https://socialdecay.typeform.com/to/le1383

The marketing and startup links do not seem to be working? The tech loads but the https://app.deekit.com/import/76402881036551563/?r=dkweb can’t open….

Hi, can you please add SMBPROFITS slack community on the list, it has around 1400 members. https://smbprofits.slack.com

Nice List.

I’d recommend you to check AirCTO Connect – https://aircto.com/connect

It’s a developer community has over 500+ members & an active Slack Community.

Hi guys,

Though you might be interested in something my team and I just launched. We are building a Non-Profit community for SportsTech in the nordics: Nordic Sports Tech (www.nordicsportstech.com). NST is a community of like-minded innovators, creatives and adventurers based in the Nordic region, brought together by a love for sports and technology. NST focuses on connecting Sports Tech founders, entrepreneurs and organizations in Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and building a bridge across borders. We come together to inspire and help one another, to share ideas and solve problems.

Let me know if this is a good fit for your audience, I’d love to send you more information if needed and if it would be of interest.

There is also the Techqueria Slack group which represents one of the largest communities for Latinx in Tech.

Please add kapitan

Hi guys! Would love to see Nordic Sports Tech (www.nordicsportstech.com) a slack community for the Nordic Sports Tech ecosystem.


There is a new community Feedback Swap that has just launched. The community is friendly place for creators to get free unbiased feedback on their project in exchange for giving it to others. http://slack.feedbackswap.com

Hello everyone,

What Next is a by-invite only community platform for designers, engineers, product managers, marketers and other digital practitioners.

Request Invite to Community Via http://www.whatnext.community

Great list, thank you!

I’d like to recommend the addition of Community Chat to this list. It’s a private community of community builders and community managers. A great place to receive personal advice and support people need to advance as a community leader.

You can view the community here or grab the link for the post! https://comm.chat

Great list, thank you!

I’d like to recommend the addition of Community Chat to this list. Community Chat is a private community of community builders and community managers. A great place to receive personal advice and support people need to advance as a community leader.

You can view the community here or grab the link for the post! https://comm.chat

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