When did finding awesome talent become this easy? Hello, Hackerbay!

Sometimes we focus too much on creating the story about our business, forgetting the most important story of them all – how it all started and why we started. Here is series of behind the scenes view how remote teams work together.

We had a conversation with Tobias, Co-Founder of Hackerbay!

Hackerbay get stuff done fast. In today’s world, speed is definitely important and Hackerbay help their clients beat time. Their hackers work with some of the biggest names in tech (think Google and Facebook) and turn their ideas into a pilot in 24 hours. Better still, they let customers try it out for free. What’s not to love? 🚀

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Hey Tobias! So what is Hackerbay all about?

We are connecting Companies to the future by giving them access to the worlds leading Hacker network based in Silicon Valley. It’s an experimentation platform for companies. We allow them to reduce time to market for their products by iterating and testing potential ideas fast.

What is the most important team value you guys have?

Our team has been working together for over 3 years on different projects. We have built friendships by never losing respect for each other.

Where are the team based?

We’re currently split between San Francisco and Berlin. So we’re definitely used to this whole remote work thing. We don’t see it as an issue in today’s connected world.

How often do you meet up?

We see each other in person every week. So lots of darting between SF and Berlin.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as remote team?

The biggest challenge was to move a large chunk of our business to Silicon Valley in May 2016 and pivot.

It took us three hard months to iterate to find the right way and make it to product market fit. We also had to make sure we did not turn crazy in the process too. The team spirit was the reason we made it.

How do you communicate within your team? Any tips and tricks you would share with others?

We have a daily Skype Call in the morning to talk about what we have achieved yesterday and what are the tasks for the day. Communication is done via slack. Project Management is done with asana.

We sum up discussions in graphics. We build them in sketch from time to time. In our Berlin office we have walls to use as a Whiteboard. We make a Photo of it and share it with all team members which is a pretty cool way of communicating.

What has been the best resource on remote working for your team, if you have used any? Mentors, blogs, newsletters, etc.

For us it has always been mentors. We make sure we’re surrounded by the best constantly. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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