What’s the deal with remote work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Remote work is still on the rise. To celebrate we have put together an infographic with some of the key numbers and a little information on how you can get started!

We are big advocates of remote work at Deekit, but many people are still in the dark. It’s not just a Silicon Valley thing either, other industries are spearheading remote work and making it an option.

We don’t think remote work is on the rise just because it sounds cool either and is a nice buzzword for job adverts. It has been proven to boost productivity and lead to a happier workforce. Who doesn’t want to save time on a commute every day after all?

To get across the message a little easier, we thought there was no better way to introduce some of you to the future of work than an easy-to-digest infographic.

The see the infographic in full, just click the image below. 👇👇👇

Want to create an infographic like this for yourself?

We have been diving into infographics lately, which we are super excited about. As part of this new initiative you can head over to the template page and generate an editable version in seconds, totally free.


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Nice infographic! Remote work is really on the rise. More and more employers are starting to embrace the idea of remote working. With the right approach, remote working can help improve productivity and make your workers happier with their jobs.

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