The types of people you’ll find working in remote teams

Remote companies tend to be pretty flexible in their approach and therefore attract people of all shapes and sizes. This is our run down of some of the people you are likely to encounter in one of their teams!

Remote workers come from all walks of life (as we showed in our remote worker tips article!). In a lot of ways remote teams are the same as teams who share a physical office. They still schedule calls, processes have to be followed and end of week drinks are still a thing – although sometimes over Skype. Although as your remote team grows, you will notice people joining with slightly different realities. You will be exposed to parts of your team’s lives that you don’t usually see and here are some of the people you will meet on the way!

The nomadic worker

Remote-friendly companies have a habit of attracting the nomadic types. There’s a huge shift right now (as is documented all over this blog) in how people work and Deekit is a prime example of this.

A living can be made from anywhere. This also means your team may be distributed in different timezones. There’s definitely more planning and coordination that needs to happen, but having people living a different way in your team can only help creativity!

The ‘sorry my internet is a little bad today’ guy or girl

This person is only temporary. If you want to make your role work, this is something they have to fix or they just aren’t the right person for the job! When business infrastructure moves out of the office, more of the responsibility comes to individual team members. If their Macbook has just died there’s no IT department to offer a temporary replacement. If the internet is being refitted, they have to find an alternative themselves. Patience is key!

The Mums and Dads

Simple logic and an understanding of the growing world population suggests people on your team will have kids. In a regular office you will hear about kids, but you rarely see them except for in the photo frame on the corner of their desk. When the home occasionally doubles up as an office they sometimes enter the scene, even during meetings!

This crossover is all due to the increasingly blurred line between life and work. Remote work sits somewhere in the middle of this as connectivity has skyrocketed. Having all those kids around makes things feel way less formal too and definitely adds to the fun!

The nocturnal one

Often in remote businesses, there’s a little more freedom. As with the rise of startup culture, the focus is no longer on hours, it’s on results. Startup leadership teams aren’t too bothered if you’ve hit your 35 hours for the week. They’re way more into you getting sh’t done. With no requirement to be in a physical office at a certain time, people are doing their best work at what most would consider the strangest hours. It has some additional benefits too. How about waking up every day to a Slack channel full of completed tasks?

So there’s our list! We’re sure your team has some others on it too and we’re eager to learn who they are. Who have we missed?

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