The time tracking tool with team members on five continents – Meet Toggl!

In this week's remote team story we caught up with Toggl, who are changing the way remote teams track their time! How do they build such an awesome tool while having team members across five continents? Read on to find out.

We had got the lowdown on Toggl from their SEO Manager, Andrea!

Toggl are changing the game when it comes to time tracking. Their super intuitive platform is helping remote teams and freelancers do remote work the right way, wherever they are. Even better yet (and the reason we’re writing about them) is that they are a totally remote team based all over the world! 🌍

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Hey Andrea! So let’s start on a macro level, what’s the most important value you have at Toggl?

All of our team members are very autonomous and result-oriented. This is pretty important in a remote work environment. What we care about is that you contribute, not where you do it from. Epic people do awesome stuff anywhere.

Tell us about your team. How many of you are there and where are you guys based?

Right now we have more than 50 people on the team, around 25 of which are fully remote employees. This number is constantly growing too. The team is spread across five continents, living and working everywhere except for Antartica and Africa.

The Toggl head office is in Tallin, Estonia. It is where we get together once in a while, but its importance should not be overemphasized.

Impressive! With team members all over the world, how often do you get to meet up?

The whole team meets up twice a year in person so we have people flying in from all over the place. We also have several trips throughout the year when smaller teams can get together and work on specific projects.

How does the day of a remote worker start at Toggl?

It’s pretty simple really, we say hi to each other in Slack! 👋

How do you communicate within your team? Any tips and tricks you would share with others?

We use Slack for day-to-day communication. It’s very important to keep the communication flowing and Slack has a bunch of features that makes this easier. We have several channels set up for non-work related topics as well and we encourage everyone to use them as often as they can.

Do you use any visual tools to help you communicate too?

We used to use presentations extensively in our weekly meetings (Google Hangouts+screenshare), but we found that we prefer to look at faces instead of slides. So now we are in the process of shifting towards a more talk show-like format and giving team members a chance to interview each other on specific topics.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a remote company?

Making the decision to go remote was the toughest part so far. Everybody in the company has to be on board with a decision like that, as it really affects everyone. But we are very happy that we have taken the leap.

Finally, what’s the funniest story you have from working remotely?

There are several epic stories from our team trips I could share (but won’t, sorry!). There’s no better way to get to know your teammates than work together and hang out in a remote country far from home. I feel like one team trip is worth a hundred days spent together in the office.

This was awesome, thanks for speaking to us Andrea!

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