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Teskalabs team sketch via Deekit.

We had a conversation with Teskalabs team.

Teskalabs offers unique blend of services to keep your company mobile and IoT data exchange secure and ahead from security breaches.

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What is your team culture like?

“It’s not secure” is a line that describes our business the best and a line that you can hear the most in our team. We share a lot of good memories together, from time we moved to our very first office to the times when Tervel was making sales calls in the shower of the co-workings space we used to work at.

What would be your roles if you got stuck on a deserted island?

If we got stuck on a deserted island, everyone would be in charge of something:

Ales — Makes sure that the deserted island is secure. Then, he finds way to secure it from existing cannibals, future tourists and unlucky castaways. He designs an island secure gateway.

Cindy — Tells the rest of the team that being lost is just part of life, in fact it can be a life-changing experience.

Elizabeth — Being the only remote team member, fortunately she’s not on the deserted island. There is lack of food, but thanks God, there is WIFI. She’s able to conduct meeting and collaborate with us over Skype and Deekit app. She finds ways to bring ships and supplies to us and at the same time negotiates a Hollywood Blockbuster for our misadventure.

Mila — Whatever we want, he builds it. Builds shelter, makes fires, makes pots, plates.

Pavel — Swims out to nearby islands to scout for new opportunities. He’s so cheerful and optimistic, birds flock to our shelter and fish swim to shore.

Tervel — Climbs to the tallest tree to catch the best WIFI and phone signal so he can reach out to civilization.

Vladka — Keeps tab of our runaway: how many months we will survive with current stock supplies, how many signals we shoot out, how many items we salvaged from the water, whether she should recruit cannibals, other unlucky castaways to join our team.

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