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Who wouldn’t want to get more done in less time? From setting smart goals and planning your time to mastering all productivity tips visually. Import our free templates and guides and start planning smarter.

Personal goal setting

Use the template to visualize and map your personal goals.

90-day goals

Set goals and prioritize what is important in the next 90 days.

Fishbone diagram

Fishbone Diagrams (also known as Ishikawa Diagrams) is a cause and effect diagram that is often used to answer questions that commonly arise in problem-solving.

Thought Record

Tackle the big questions with your clients or have fun by yourself.


Use the calendar template to create your own stunning planner.

Personal Learning Worksheet

Use the template to set your learning goals to visualise your path to learning.

Habit Tracker

Got a habit you want to stick but can’t integrate into your life yet? Try our Habit Tracker to keep track of your habits on a daily basis.

Stress Management

Find out what’s causing your stress and how you can get through it with this handy template.

Planner for students

Planner for students lets you archive your weekly study goals and objectives quickly and effectively.

Weekly schedule

Drop your daily tasks, shopping lists, goals and track easily the good habits you want to stick around into the weekly schedule template and easily have an overview of your progress.

Weekly Planner

Create a brilliant weekly schedule with our weekly planner template.

Week at a glance

Week planning template gives you the needed tools, just drag in your tasks as post-it notes and build up your schedule.

Student day calendar

Plan your school day starting with creating a simple class schedule, setting daily goals, track your homework and plan after-school activities.

Simple week planning

A simple week planning template for the busy people with flexible schedules.