Infographic templates

Easy to use free infographic design templates to create stunning infographics. Premium members can browse in addition hundreds of design elements, icons, and hand crafted shapes to add to your designs.

Comparison Infographic

Simple drag-drop template to create comparison infographics.

Article illustrated in the format of an infographic

Simple editable template to illustrate an article as an infographic or discover the benefits of remote work.

Timeline infographic

Beautiful green template to create a timeline infographic.

Timeline infographic

Stunning colorful template to create a timeline infographics.

Article infographic

Find out what is happening on the web in a minute or grab the simple editable template to illustrate an article as an infographic.

Mindmap Infographic

Add and delete information as you like, mix and match or move around to your heart's content.

List infographic

Learn about the psychology of colors and customize the infographic template to create your own.

Process and list infographic

Just simply follow the steps laid-out in the boxes to the left of the infographic to easily fill in your timeline with all the information you need.

Timeline Infographic

Timelines have been proven to be one of the best ways to write down and retain information.

Informational infographic template

Well organized information and most importantly, facts brought out visually is the best way to acquire new customers.