Templates for education

Templates for all your class and teaching needs – lesson plans, detailed lesson plan, templates for language learning, math lessons, classroom game samples and much more.

Personal Learning Worksheet

Use the template to set your learning goals and to visualise your path to learning.

Storytelling Canvas

Map out your stories on a simple Storytelling Canvas.

KWL Chart

With our KWL chart, you will work out what you know, what you wonder and what you learned about any topic of your choice.

Exam preparation package

Exam preparation package will help you through the stressful period – use the template and follow tips as the finals week approaches.

Planner for students

Planner for students lets you archive your weekly study goals and objectives quickly and effectively.

Class schedule

Achieve your weekly study goals and objectives with a stunning weekly lesson plan template.


Free Gradebook for teachers is a template to easily map grades in your class. Add your class and students details, track grades and add any content.

Student day calendar

Plan your school day starting with creating a simple class schedule, setting daily goals, track your homework and plan after-school activities.

Essay plan

Essay planning template guides you through the manageable steps – picking an essay topic, brainstorming your ideas and getting your outline together.

Lesson plan calendar

The free lesson plan calendar template is simple, dates are pre-filled and all you need is to double-click to add your class schedule, exam times, personal goals and plans.

Six thinking hats

The use of this template is to allow students and others to look at objectives and decisions from several different angles using our metaphorical hats that they can switch on and off.

Brainstorming - Perspectives

Brainstorming ideas from different perspectives can open up a world of possibilities.