Brainstorming templates

Want to learn new brainstorming techniques or simply get going with your team? We’ve got you covered with a number of brainstorming templates, brainwriting exercises, templates for ideation and innovation. Generate ideas and solve complex problems together in real-time using our templates.

Empathy Map

Use the Empathy Map template to discover insights about your customers.


Generate new ideas with the brainwriting template.

Affinity Diagram

Organize and sort your ideas with the Affinity Diagram.

Empathy Map

A Venn diagram is one of the simplest ways to show the relationships between groups of things with a clear, visual display.

IDEAL problem solving

The aim of the IDEAL method is to have a reasoned and clear plan of action to solve a problem.


Cubing is a brainstorming method based on the book Writing, by Gregory Cowan and Elizabeth Cowan.

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats method by Edward de Bono is a proven and practical thinking concept.

Brainstorming with perspectives

Look at your problem or organization from different perspectives to get a complete picture of any situation.

Heuristic ideation

In this ideation technique, participants use a matrix to generate new ideas and approaches to a solution.