Agile / Scrum

Templates for agile teams to work and collaborate faster. Easily run your sprints, hold retrospective meetings or plan your business using the lean canvas. Including templates for simple agile project management, project planning, marketing and much more.

Fishbone diagram

Analyse the potential problems with the Fishbone Diagram

Marketing planning

Manage your marketing strategy using the agile methodologies.

Release Progress Tracking

Visualize tasks with release progress tracking board.

User Story Map

Use the story map template to visualize your backlog.

Team retrospective

Understand your workflow by prioritizing what’s next in the process.

Kanban planning board

Task management for teams doing Kanban.

Scrum Task board with stories

Map your development tasks along with user stories.

Scrum Task board

Simple Scrum weekly planning board with three columns.

Scrum planning board

Scum planning board with five columns.

Retrospective meetings

Map the team progress with the simple retrospective template.

Lean Canvas

Make your business planning actionable with Lean Canvas template.