Stop changing the world (temporarily) this Christmas

It's that time of year when the world comes to a standstill. If you're anything like us, you've been busy trying to change the world all year long. But now's the time to do something a little different. What exactly? Well read on to see why should you stop your mission temporarily this Christmas...

Christmas. The time of the year when the world shuts down. If you haven’t closed that deal or on-boarded that new user yet, don’t expect to get it done before 2017 starts. There will be some seasonal businesses who make all their moolah at this time of year, but for most it’s a time when business slows down dramatically.

If your business falls into the latter scenario, instead of pushing on and continuing with work, Why don’t you take a break? It’s easy to work all the time when you’re a part of a growing business but burnout is a real thing. Now’s the time of year to recoup, relax and take some much needed time away from your laptop. Come on, you probably need it.

“But guys, the business is depending on me! I can’t take any time off right now.”

Cut yourself some slack. We all need a break sometimes. If you’re not sure how you can make it happen, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and tips to make sure you get the rest you deserve!

Plan now, relax later

The biggest mistake people make around the holidays is they don’t plan properly. Think through what you need to do over the Christmas period to keep your business ticking over and automate it. If you have a content calendar you need to keep, get it scheduled. If you need someone online for customer support, divide up the workload between the team. If you take the time to get organized now, you can avoid the worry when no ones online to help you over the festive period!

Commit to time offline

In today’s 24/7 world it’s easy to spend your downtime online. Don’t. Switch it up and get offline. Your mind and body are both likely to thank you later for giving them a break from the internet. Laughing at all those GIF’s between work sprints can really take it out of you.

Get creative

Now you’ve committed to some time offline, get creative! Creativity is not only good for your health but it makes you a better thinker. If there has been a problem at work that you’re struggling to solve, doing something that’s not that thing could be the answer you’re looking for. Try it. What have you got to lose?

Understand downtime takes practice

It’s tough switching off especially when you’ve been in startup mode all year long. Keep in mind that taking time off is an art form. You’ll need some adjustment time. Those first couple of days are always a little tough, we all experience it. But by taking some time to chill out, you’ll come back in 2017 ready to rock-and-roll!

Family time?

Do you remember those guys? They might have taken a back seat throughout the year, but now is the time for you to win some brownie points for 2017! This time of year is as much for them as it is for you. So share your free time around and make sure they have a Christmas to remember too.

So there you have it. We hope this has hoped you navigate the holiday season and take some necessary time out. How much you take is totally up to you, but make sure you take a little bit.

If you get bored at all during the holidays, why don’t you check out Deekit and get creative with one of our templates? But no work please 😉

From all the team at Deekit, Merry Christmas!

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