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The easiest way to collaborate and discuss your designs and do UX research.

Design research on whiteboard
Join thousands of teams already using Deekit to work on user research and share design feedback.
Discuss design and share ideas.
Simple customer research and sharing

Research your customers and their needs to create better user experience strategy. Combine all information and research materials, design ideas and share it with anyone.

Design research on whiteboard
Design and map customer journey
Map your customer journey and flows

Share interface maps with your team using the unlimited whiteboard space to discuss user flows and interaction. Or create your customer journey and empathy maps along with personas using post-it notes or by dragging elements from the library.

Share design feedback

Drop your designs on the whiteboard to discuss feedback and ideas. Share the boards among your team or with your customers and get everyone involved.

Whiteboard to share design feedback
Agile planning
Create wireframes and flow maps

Create simple diagrams, flow maps and user story maps to plan your products and how everything should work.

Pull all the details together

Deekit whiteboards are not just for drawing your ideas when planning. Illustrate your ideas by simply dragging items from library. Pull together all relevant images, link and embed important websites, add videos, gifs, notes. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Online whiteboard tools
Grab a template to start faster

Get started quickly by grabbing a pre-made template for all your team needs. Learn more.

Thousands of product managers, engineers, teachers, and designers are using Deekit online whiteboard daily to collaborate and share feedback.