Create and share the strategy, plans and vision with your team.

Simple visual tools to share your vision and big ideas – just like you would on a regular whiteboard. But better. Add your roadmap, plans and all important relevant information on one board to get everyone on the same page.

Online whiteboard
Join thousands of teams already planning and collaborating with Deekit.
Set your business direction
Big ideas on the unlimited space

Create as many whiteboards you need or use the infinite space on one. No more running out of space, saving hundreds of photos of your walls or having people spend days on documenting your planning sessions.

Unlimited online whiteboards
Agile whiteboard planning
Everything you need for planning and sharing your vision and strategy

Map your ideas with post-it notes, use note documents for bigger ideas and add any media to support your thinking process. Not sure where to start? Grab a template to get started faster and find the best way to plan.

Pull all the details together

Deekit whiteboards are not just for drawing your ideas when planning. Create flowcharts and schemes to illustrate your processes by simply dragging items from library. Pull together all relevant images, link and embed important websites, add videos, gifs, notes. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Online whiteboard tools
Martin Mc Gloin
Sorry as a Service
Co-Founder & CEO

With Deekit, we can go from a white-boarding session all the way to completion.

James McDowell
Clayton Prep

Deekit is taking my business into the future, enabling me to work with clients no matter where they may be in the world. I am constantly recommending it to colleagues and friends alike.

Arthur Oliveira
Software Engineering Student

Deekit was built with the goal of bring together everybody and this is what is missing in our world, more focus on partnerships and team work.

Javi Sánchez
Co-Founder and CEO

We are a remote innovation studio with partners and customers in 16+ countries. We need an easy and reliable tool like Deekit to collaborate seamlessly and add value to our projects.

Peeter Karjus

Deekit has a potential to change how we teach at school and train employees at workplace. It is a limitless online whiteboard. That is a statement-our creativity is limitless.

Grab a template to start faster

Get started quickly by grabbing a pre-made template for all your business planning needs. Learn more.

Thousands of product managers, engineers, teachers, and designers are using Deekit online whiteboard daily to brainstorm and share ideas.