Teach your entire class on one whiteboard.

The easiest way to to teach, learn and collaborate with your class.

Class online whiteboard
Join thousands of classes already using Deekit to teach, share lesson materials and assignments or take notes to share.
Engage your entire class.

Unlimited space to collaborate

Create as many whiteboards you need or use the infinite space on one and share them with all students’ devices. Connect your entire class or share specific boards with a copy of your lesson.

Class online whiteboard
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Create assignments and assessments

Create your online assignment for a template and share a copy with each student with just one click. Enable shareable URL and share it on any channels or your favourite LMS system.

Dustin Mixon

Deekit has fundamentally transformed the way I conduct mathematical research with remote collaborators. No more waiting for a face-to-face visit to work at the same whiteboard!

Melissa M
English language tutor

Being a language teacher, Deekit has helped me to engage my students during the online lessons and I can easily see their progress or where they get stuck. This way I can help students in the same city or on the other side of the globe. Plus, all my students really adore Deekit!

Arthur Oliveira
Software Engineering Student

The tool is something without limit, you can play around with your team sharing ideas, use it as entertainment where you can play with friends, building classes, using as your book and so much more

Peeter Karjus

Deekit has a potential to change how we teach at school and train employees at workplace. It is a limitless online whiteboard. That is a statement-our creativity is limitless.

Foster collaboration with students both in class and remote

Collaborate together in real-time. Solve math problems, write notes together to share and brainstorm ideas for the next school projects. Or have your class draw their ideas on any subject together.

Math online whiteboard
Unlimited online whiteboards
Engage and share progress with parents

Share tips how parents can support their kids in the learning process by including them on the boards and showing what you are doing in the class and reflecting the students’ progress.

Pull all the details together

Deekit whiteboards are not just for drawing your ideas. Illustrate your lessons by simply dragging items from library. Pull together all relevant images, link and embed important websites, add videos, gifs, notes. Pretty much anything you can think of.

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Grab a template to start faster

Get started quickly by grabbing a pre-made template for all your team needs. Learn more.

Join thousands of classes already using Deekit to teach, share lesson materials and assignments or take notes to share.