Simple whiteboard collaboration for Agile and Lean teams

Simple whiteboard tools for all your team processes – run retrospectives, manage your tasks and processes, run lean sprints, discuss design and get everyone on the same page. It’s like the whiteboard in your office, but better.

Agile retrospective
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Online whiteboard for Agile teams
Simple planning for agile remote teams

They say that if your team can’t get itself under control with a whiteboard, no tool can fix your processes. Start planning on whiteboard in simple and visual way and learn how to increase your team productivity.

Agile whiteboard planning
Agile planning
Everything your Agile team needs

Easily improve your Agile and Scrum processes – planning, backlog grooming, track weekly progress and run retrospectives. Map your ideas and feedback in real-time. Why not even engage your users in the feedback process?

Pull all the details together

Deekit whiteboards are not just for drawing your ideas when planning. Illustrate your processes by simply dragging items from library. Pull together all relevant images, link and embed important websites, add videos, gifs, notes. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Online whiteboard tools
Grab a template to start faster

Get started quickly by grabbing a pre-made template for all your team needs. Learn more.

Thousands of product managers, engineers, teachers, and designers are using Deekit online whiteboard daily to collaborate and share ideas.