Slush 2015 in sketch-notes

We always end up with sketch-notes from every event we go to. This time we attended Slush and captured few talks in pictures, including Michael Baum from discussing the success formula for startups.

Michael Baum is a successful Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who has built billion dollar companies including Splunk. Michael is the founder and CEO of, an early investor in young innovators solving world problems and at Slush discussed his views what it really takes to build a successful startup. Worth mentioning is also that Deekit is part of family and we admire Michael a lot – amazingly smart and humble person! 🙂

Green stage hosted series of talks about the future of education and where the future is likely to take us. Whilst we will be sharing few more notes from the talks there soon, here’s the first teaser. Saku Tuominen discusses how Finland is leading the education space today. Few innovations discussed in the talk include Triplet and Scool. Triplet is a service that transforms daily news into educational material overnight so that teachers can actively use today’s news in their classrooms. Scool brings innovations to Finnish schools.

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