Six Thinking Hats

Look at decisions from a number of different points of view with this template.

Six Thinking Hats brainstorming online
Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats method by Edward de Bono is a proven and practical thinking concept. The aim of this brainstorming technique is to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles. Each thinking role is identified with a colored symbolic “thinking hat.” By mentally wearing and switching “hats”, you can easily focus or redirect thoughts and conversation. Six Thinking Hats is a powerful tool that facilitates critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.


Six thinking hats – English

Seis sombreros para pensar – Spanish

Simple Six thinking hats

Simple Six Thinking Hats template in a timeline format. Try it here.

Seis sombreros para pensar

Try it here.

Six thinking hats

Colourful Six Thinking Hats template in a timeline format. Try it here.


Each team member “wears” a hat and discuss ideas with the other team members. Several team members can wear the same hat.

Then the participants switch to another hat and discuss the same conversation with a different approach. The brainstorming continues until each color has been done at least once.

An alternative method is that every team member wears the same hat at the same time and change color together.

The Blue Hat

Think about:

  • Why are we here?
  • What we are thinking about?
  • What is the definition of the situation or problem?
  • What are alternative definitions?
  • What we want to achieve?

The White Hat

Think about:

  • What information do we have?
  • What information do we need?
  • What information is mission?
  • What questions do we need to ask?
  • How are we going to get the information we need?

The Red Hat

Once the problem is fully defined and the objective and historical data has been brought up; the Red hat can be used to ask participants how they feel about the problem or situation.

Think about:

  • How do you feel about that?
  • How do you react to this?
  • What is your intuition/opinion about this?
  • What’s the first thing that comes in your mind?

The Black Hat

Look at the problem through the logical, critical thinking lens. Think about:

  • What will happen if we take this action?
  • What can go wrong if we proceed?
  • What are the weaknesses?
  • How will people respond?
  • Will it work? Why it won’t work?

The Yellow Hat

Think about:

  • What is the merit of the approach?
  • What positives can you see in this idea?
  • What could be done to make this work better? Faster? Cheaper?
  • How could this help us?

The Green Hat

Think about:

  • What are some other ways to solve this out?
  • What are some fresh ideas or approaches?
  • Think outside the box? What other alternatives come up?
  • Can we shape it or adapt current solutions?

The Blue Hat

Think about:

  • What have we achieved today?
  • What decision have we reached?
  • What are the next steps?

Reasons to brainstorm online:

  • Unlimited space. Unlimited whiteboard allows you to see the big picture at a glance and zoom into important details as you need it.
  • Unlimited tools. You will never run out of post-it notes, ink or any other resource.
  • Brainstorm on your own or collaborate with your team. Everything works in real-time so you can collaborate and brainstorm together on any device and anywhere.

Customize your template:

  • Change the colors. Select the items you wish to edit and easily modify the colors on your board.
  • Add images or illustrations. Upload images or illustrations while working on the brainstorming session. Or simply drag additions from hundreds of elements from our shape library.
  • Choose a font you like. Everyone has their favorite fonts and sizes. Customise your template to match your preference.
  • Add content the way you like. Add your ideas as notes, post-its. Draw ideas and many more tools available to you.
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