Refining your tagline message

We often need to talk about a product or a startup and we always need to tell the story in one sentence. While crafting the message it is easy to have the need to use hundreds of words to get your message across. It’s human nature to be descriptive. Many of us like to go into detail. We often find that saying anything using just one sentence is one of the most difficult tasks.

But when you are a part of today’s fast paced startup culture, it’s imperative that you have your tagline message nailed. Investors do not want to hear your harp on about your startup and more importantly, your customers don’t either. They want you to get to the point. You must be concise. You must not drone on (can you see we are maybe doing that here?).

Here is one technique to help you to craft a tagline message using only six words.

You can, in fact, apply this technique to crafting any message.

How to use this template:

  1. To start with, write down words that relate to your company, product, campaign etc, that you are looking to build a message for.
  2. Next step is to eliminate and organise the words into groups of segments.
  3. Continue consolidating words into groups until you have six groups left over.
  4. Pick the essential word from each group that best encapsulates the meaning of that group.
  5. Write down the six words and re-arrange them until they form a sentence. Re-arrange words into sentences until you have your golden six word sentence left over!

Are you ready to pull together the most optimized tagline in the startup world? It’s time to get started with this template by clicking the yellow ‘Create Your Tagline’ button to the right.