Product Canvas

To make sure you give your user the best experience possible with the right features.

This Product Canvas makes product planning that much easier so you have a strategy that suits your needs.


Vision Statement: Why did you create your product and what do you want to get from it?

Target Group: Who are you trying to target your product too? You need to identify the market segment that your product is aimed towards so that you can implement your product planning and target the right audience.  

Needs: What are the goals for your product and the future vision? Implement the actions needed to address these goals and reach your end result of improved product planning.

Product/Solution: The top features that your product has that give it a unique selling point (USP), making it better than your competition and differentiating it. Being crucial to you blowing away the competition.   

Value: What value does your product bring to the company? You need to look at the sales channels, structure and sources to see what your product is worth.


You no longer have to write out business case studies or plans that are too long, not to the point and are rarely used but a one page template that captures the key components to product planning in a clear and concise way.

Why not try it out for your business and see what you think?