Finding your customers persona template

Have you found out who your customers are yet?

This is no easy task and if you ease your way through the process, it can often take you months to find out exactly who they are (yikes!). Luckily for you though we have got you covered with this awesome customer persona template.

So what does it allow you to do?

  • Create effective customer segments that allows your team to focus on early adopters of your product.
  • Once you have nailed the segments you are going to be focusing on, we then guide you as you begin the customer discovery process. 
  • For B2B companies, this includes a deep understanding of different buyer types and how that effects your customer persona.

The steps:

  1. Who is the customer?

In the first step of this persona template you define who your customers are. As the template says, you are looking to identify the person who has the specific problem your business is trying to solve. They should know they have the problem (no guessing!) and they must be looking for a solution. Oh yeah, and they should have cash in the bank to pay for it!

      2. Prioritise your customers

You are likely to have a few different customers. They could have really different characteristics too. Using this handy template in stage two, you will prioritise them based on how urgent their need is for your product and how aware they are that there are solutions out there. Education isn’t always easy, so it’s best to target users who are actively searching!

      3. Define the stakeholders

Your target within a business might not always be the founder/CEO. Sometimes, you might want to target those a little further down the chain. Who will you be hitting with your approach?