Exam preparation package

Finals week can be the most stressful time for any student. Exam preparation package will help you through the stressful period – use the template and follow tips as the finals week approaches. 

Tips to prepare for a finals week.

  • Create a study schedule and follow it. Splitting the materials into manageable tasks will help you get through the study more effectively. By splitting the tasks into a schedule, you can keep track of what you’ve accomplished instead of looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed. We’ve included a simple calendar for you in the exam preparation package.
  • Get all notes and materials together on a board – add notes, upload files and links. Create a study mood board. Bringing all relevant materials on a dashboard helps you go through it more easily as well as detect what are you missing. Ask for notes from your class mates (and share your’s, too).
  • Organise a group study session. Depending on the subject, studying together and discussing your thoughts and ideas can help you understand topic faster.
  • Quiz yourself or create a quiz within a study group. Thinking through what might be the exam questions will help you think better what to study. Play a group game by asking questions from each other. Using real-time tools for such activity will help you study together no matter where you are.
  • Reorganize and annotate your notes. Reading through the notes taken will take you half way. When you are working through prioritizing and outlining important concepts and formulas will make the topic easy to understand (grab our marker and annotate on top of any material)
  • Learning by teaching is a method that works amazingly well for everyone. Learn by explaining concepts to your classmates. Drawing and sketching ideas is often the easiest and best way to hold such study sessions.

Customize your materials and plans

  • Change the colors. Select the items you wish to edit and easily modify the colors on your board.
  • Add images or illustrations. Upload images or illustrations to your lesson plan. Or simply drag additions from hundreds of elements from our shape library.
  • Choose a font you like. Everyone has their favorite fonts and sizes. Customise your plan to match your preference.
  • Add content the way you like. Add details as notes, post-its or just drop all links with preview cards together. Draw ideas and many more tools available to you.