Customer discovery

Customer discovery is one of the biggest challenges early stage companies face. It’s easy to miss this simple step and jump into a world of hurt when your company doesn’t get any traction. We have met so many startups on our journey that have missed this out and guess what? They never really go anywhere. It’s crucial that you do some customer development off the bat as if not you run the risk of falling behind your competitors too.

Today, there are several lean approaches to do customer discovery. This template is based on the work of Steve Blank on Customer Development.


  • This board will help you identify your customer/market hypotheses
  • It will also help you test the hypotheses you have created in an efficient, timely way.

How to use it

  • Before starting this template, make sure to make some assumptions with your team. Where do you think the most attention needs to be for your team before you’ve started? Take into account the headings and discuss.
  • Go through the tree with you team and answer all the branches, be sure not to miss any as they are all equally weighted and all offer value.
  • Despite the equal weighting, you can start branches from any point to detail your answers. It’s not important for you to follow them all the way through, but it’s important to take all of them into consideration.
  • To make things easier for you and your team, you can use colours to differentiate answers specific to an archetype.
  • Once you have completed the template, take a step back and review with your team. Where have you found new areas of focus that you missed at the beginning?

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