Content marketing SWOT and action plan

A SWOT analysis of your current content marketing efforts is an essential part of creating your marketing plan. Why? It allows you to create a balanced outlook on your proposed content strategy. You know where it rocks, you know where it’s ‘meh’ and you know where it sucks. Oh, and you will also see where others can beat you on it.

By doing this sort of SWOT analysis you cover all of the bases. It forces you and your team to think defensively and offensively at the same time.

We find it’s SWOT analysis is awesome when applied to content. It’s easy to churn out words just for the sake of it and not really understand why you’re writing it, how it differs from everything else out there and how you’re going to make it work for you and your brand.

That’s why this template is important!

What does it cover?

  • Strengths – Break down your content strategy and understand where the strengths are. Is your brand perfect for whitepapers? Is it more of a ‘get me on Buzzfeed now!’ kind of vibe? Either way, you should know what’s good for you.
  • Weaknesses – Where in the strategy could you be doing better? Are you being lazy with certain aspects and neglecting them? It’s important to think critically and get to the crux of where you think you are weakest with your content.
  • Opportunities – What are you not doing at the moment that you could be doing? Where can you get some serious traction? Are there any topics you think you’re missing?
  • Threats – Where is there a ton of competition on your content? Will it get lost? Always remember to see time as a threat too. If a piece is going to take too long to produce, is it worth it?

So what are you waiting for. It’s time to do some SWOT analysis!