Business Model Canvas

Discuss and set your business strategy with the online Business Model Canvas template

Business Model Canvas Online

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a visual strategic management template for lean teams to develop new or document existing business models.

The template covers in detail following topics:

  • key partnerships
  • key activities
  • key resources
  • value propositions
  • customer relationships
  • channels
  • customer segments
  • cost structure
  • revenue streams

Open the template to find all tips and guidelines on how to create your Business Model Canvas and how to make most of the strategic planning using the template.


Business Model Canvas – English

A tela de modelo de negócios – Portugese

Esquema de modelo de negocios – Spanish

Reasons to create your canvas online:

  • Unlimited space. Unlimited whiteboard allows you to see the big picture at a glance and zoom into important details as you need it.
  • Unlimited tools. You will never run out of post-it notes, ink or any other resource.
  • Brainstorm on your own or collaborate with your team. Everything works in real-time so you can collaborate and set goals together on any device and anywhere.

Customize your board

  • Change the colors. Select the items you wish to edit and easily modify the colors on your board.
  • Add images or illustrations. Upload images or illustrations while working on the business planning. Or simply drag additions from hundreds of elements from our shape library.
  • Choose a font you like. Everyone has their favorite fonts and sizes. Customise your template to match your preference.
  • Add content the way you like. Add your ideas as notes, post-its. Draw ideas and many more tools available to you.
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