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Sometimes we focus too much on creating the story about our business, forgetting the most important story of them all – how it all started and why we started. Here is series of behind the scenes view how remote teams work together.

We had a conversation with Daniel Nguyen, Co-founder and CMO at OhMyGeorge.

OhMyGeorge are building a 100% mobile trading platform for tomorrow’s new generation of investors. Sleek and intuitive, they gamify investing and honestly, make it crazily addictive. Their unique approach is revolutionising the way people invest! 🙌

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What is the most important team value you have?

Our team is passionate and dedicated to the product. We’re all in. That’s the most important team value we share.

How many people work remotely in your company and where are they based?

We’re 100% remote and have nine people now on the team! We’re very spread out with team members based in New York, Paris, Prague and Bangkok.

And how often do you meet up?

Every quarter we have a team gathering somewhere in the world. It’s awesome and also important to us to meet up in person every few months.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as remote team?

As a distributed team it’s sometimes tough offering direct feedback. It’s also difficult understanding the feelings of other people on the team concerning potential issues or problems. Sometimes Slack isn’t the best method of conveying this!

To get around it, we try to implement regular top down 1-to-1 discussions. This is the best method we’ve found of generating constant feedback.

How do you communicate within your team? Any tips and tricks you would share with others?

We use Slack to have live, fast and instant communication with all the team, wherever people are. Everyday at the same time we have a team call. We make sure it’s fast (maximum 30 minutes) and in it we go through all the latest tasks, what’s in in progress, and advancements we’ve made on each. In these calls we use Google Slides with bullet point listings of current priorities and what has been completed. We find it really helps us to focus on our goals for that day.

What has been the best resource on remote working for your team, if you have used any? Mentors, blogs, newsletters, etc.

We find that the best way to build on our team is to learn from those who we think are nailing it when it comes to remote work. So we look to Buffer and Github in particular as a source of benchmarking.

Whats the funniest moment you’ve had as as remote team?

We’re a very distributed team. We cover a lot of the global timezones so this has led to a lot of shifting around! The funniest thing for us was constantly moving around our daily standup. When you have to make sure a set time works for people in New York as well as Bangkok, you know you’re remote! 😆

And finally, what books should remote teams and workers be reading to succeed?

We have a few resources which we think all remote workers should be reading if they want to succeed:

  1. Zero to one by Peter Thiel – This one is not addressing remote work, but when you feel alone, this book can give you the courage to keep motivated to create something great!
  2. Delivering happiness – An awesome tread about how culture even more important when everyone is remote.
  3. Buffer’s blog – One of our go-to resources.

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