The Oddest Places Remote Workers Have Worked From

Kristi DePaul, the CMO of Workfrom, shares some of the oddest and interesting places remote workers get stuff done. How productive would you be in a winery tasting room? 🍷

I am a remote worker–and have been since 2014. If you’re anything like me, you’ve done the work-in-your-jams thing, the nap-in-the-middle-of-the-day thing, and have even completed a couple (hundred?) loads of laundry during your workdays.

Yes, skeptics: we still manage to get our work done!

At one point, however, the endless routine started to gnaw at me. My home office ceased to be a professional refuge. It had instead become an isolating space. That’s when I began scouring the web to find other places where I could schlep my laptop and set up shop for a few hours. Enter Workfrom.

With over 42,000 members on six continents, Workfrom has a lot of spaces scouted across the globe. (Now I get to share it with others far and wide as I lead the company’s marketing efforts.) Among those spaces, thanks to a few of our most creative and intrepid scouts, are some unusual listings that just might surprise you.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. Tasting room at a winery. The sip-and-paint industry has become a thing; so why not sip while working? Grabbing some tapas before the dinner rush sounds like a delightful way to stave off intoxication. (Although Hemingway did it with aplomb, we generally advise against it.



2. Cell phone waiting lot. Otherwise known as digital purgatory, cell phone waiting lots at airports like this one in Tampa, Florida, can actually be pretty decent spaces to get work done (though we’re pretty sure the only folks here are, in fact, waiting for someone).

3. Hospitals and medical centers. You might underestimate the quality of coffee offered by healthcare organizations, but don’t dismiss the available WiFi. Workfrommers have clocked in from Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville, Minnesota, Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, and Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. Houses of worship. In between the hymn singing, holiday observations, volunteering and other good works, you could also find professional peace in a church, synagogue or mosque. (Hallelujah!) All jesting aside — many houses of worship have great spaces available for public use or rent during the week.

5. Gym + fitness. When you feel motivated, you can achieve your goals–whether related to working or working out. We’ve seen folks clock in from yoga studios and outdoor gyms on the West Coast, gym cafes in India, and cycle clubs in London.

6. Barber shop. Just because you’re a hard-charging entrepreneur or busy freelancer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest time in your appearance. Why not combine grooming options with a space to work? At London’s Barber and Parlour, you can do both.



7. The theatre. Aside from being inspirational centers for the arts, head to a theatre (of the non-movie variety) as these also often have cafes or bar spaces with decent WiFi. Avoid showtimes and you’ll be guaranteed a quiet spot.

8. Cigar bar. Although I could write at length about the maladies of smoking and secondhand smoke, there are those of us remote workers who don’t shy away from puffing on a stogie every now and again. Though it might be hard for some of us to imagine, for others, a cigar bar is a great spot to work from.



9. Train station. It might seem counterintuitive to set up shop in a transient place, but train stations, like airports, are also places people often find themselves stuck waiting. Better to make some headway on your latest project than on Candy Crush, so pop open that laptop and plug in until you hear the whistle.

10. Tire center. This one made me chuckle–because, as an American, I had been looking for something auto-related, but more along the lines of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Alas, no clockins from those seventh circles of hell. I’m convinced, however, that time passes more slowly when you’re waiting to get your car serviced–it’s some strange law of physics. At this tire center, you can at least make it count.

11. Art gallery. Working on deadline doesn’t mean plugging away in a soulless coffee shop. Why not be surrounded by masterpieces when creating a masterpiece, I ask you? Makes sense to me. You can scope out works of in the Renwick Gallery or the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

12. Botanical garden. Who has time to smell the roses? You do. That’s why you should up your remote game and get out in the garden, like this one scouted by a Workfrommer in Chicago. Expose yourself to some natural beauty, and you’ll find your zen mode in no time!


To see more amazing places to be productive around the world, head over to Workfrom and sign up for an account. It’s totally free. Where will you be working from next?

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