Marketing tools we use to build Deekit remotely

Here's the list of marketing tools we use at Deekit, how and why we use them as well as tools that we no longer use.


Quick overview for those in hurry, tools that we use are:

  • Deekit
  • Mention
  • Slack
  • Buffer
  • Haro
  • Delighted
  • ProductHunt
  • Sorry As a Service

We handle social media with:

Mention. Mention is the tool to monitor social media and mentions. In our case, Mention does the monitoring and automatically posts into Slack monitoring chats where we easily can pick them up and respond. Same as Mention with less channels supported, posts directly into Slack whenever social media mention happens. Whilst less channels are supported, has been much quicker to track mentions and post them to chat.

Slack. Slack is our central hub for all news feeds and general discussions on everything. In marketing and support we have 4 dedicated Slack channels. Here’s how we use those:

  • Marketing Bot — automated feed on social mentions and posts about Deekit and topics relevant to us. Feeds come mainly from Mention and
  • Marketing — General discussions about marketing topics.
  • Support Bot — Automated feed when our users reach out to us to make sure we don’t miss anything.
  • Customer-feedback channel — Place where we share all user feedback we get. User feedback can come from anywhere — support emails, social media, users directly reaching out team members, conversations happening at events and more. We post all the feedback into one place to make it easy to manage.

Buffer.We use Buffer for scheduling our marketing posts across several channels. It’s just plain awesome.

Social Jukebox is something we have been setting up to automate and manage our social networks.

We send emails with:

Sendgrid. With Sendgrid our newsletters, important release notifications or other important information reach our users and subscribers.

Intercom. We engage our users to provide useful tips on using the product using Intercom today.

We do support with:

Intercom. We moved all our support to Intercom to provide chat support across Deekit application. Intercom has become an amazing central hub to communicate with our users.

SorryAsaService is amazing not only to say sorry when you mess up, but also just to tell your users (and why not anyone really) a thank you as well. Awesome service, amazing team.

Keep track of media and PR requests:

Help a reporter. Haro sends you summary of requests from journalists in your inbox. It is an easy way to to keep an eye on how to get media coverage. We have just started to keep closer eye on the email feeds that come through there.

We get photos from:

We have several geeks on the team who take one photo too many as always. Not only from our own country Estonia but all over the world — Africa, Asia, US, all around Europe. Thanks to this, we use our own photos first and foremost.

Unsplash — who wouldn’t just love the amazing collection of photos from Unsplash? 🙂 — another site with stunning collection of free stock photos with high resolution. Many images are added on weekly basis and all photos are released under creative commons public domain — no attribution is required as such.

Gratisography offers free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects, captured by Ryan McGuire.

Life of Pix. Beautiful free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions.

Placeit not only offers photo mockup templates on different devices, but you can create also low-budget demo videos. For a startup, this is just amazing.

Beta testing and user feedback:

Product Hunt. As many others, we love Product Hunt. In fact we’re probably addicted to it somewhat to find many new amazing tools. Deekit has been through product hunt several times now, mostly submitted by our users and we have gotten tons of feedback. Not necessarily through Product Hunt platform, but directly. And that kind of quick validation and feedback is exactly what Product Hunt is great for.

Delighted is probably the most beautiful NPS survey tool we have so far seen. Simple to set up and looks amazing. So amazing in fact that your users will just want to respond.

We plan our work with:

Deekit. We plan our work in details on quarterly basis and we do weekly sprints and planning in marketing efforts as well. All our planning happens inside Deekit because of several reasons. First of all, we just are not in same location always and we want entire team to contribute in the conversations. Secondly, the planning is not a one-off task and we actively continue evolving the plans and details as we go. As well as the boards serve as main source of info when we get into weekly sprints for example.

Which tools do you use for marketing? 😊

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