How can an online whiteboard revolutionize your teaching?

Technology has made its way into today's classrooms, much like it has into our everyday lives and there's no stopping it. But how can an online whiteboard be useful in taking your teaching to the next level? Check out our latest article to find out, oh and there are some awesome teaching tips in there too!

Technology has gradually integrated into classrooms around the world. Many teachers see it not as a useful teaching aid, but an essential one. In fact, in the US over 68% of K-2 level students had access to government purchased tablets in 2016. This figure is only set to rise too!

Now there’s no better time to incorporate an online whiteboard like Deekit into your teaching. So many others are already on board, if you don’t believe us, click here to read how Ella Wright sees technology as the future of learning.

But how exactly will it help? What will you gain from an online whiteboard? These are questions we get regularly. And you guessed it, we have some answers!

Increase in-class participation

By leveraging technology, you meet students on their level. This is where they feel comfortable. Their environments outside of school are full to the brim with tech and it’s more than likely that they know their way around any laptop or tablet, so take advantage of it by bringing tech into your classrooms.

Deekit Tip

Use an online whiteboard to keep a tally of key achievements. That way everyone can see how they're doing easily, even parents.

Collaborative problem solving with everyone

A physical whiteboard can only be used with 3-4 students at the same time. Online whiteboards like Deekit don’t share the same issue. Collaboration is a walk in the park when you can have an infinite number of students working on a whiteboard at any one time.

Students can interact from their desks in real-time. Squabbles for the best board markers are a thing of the past.

Deekit Tip

Create puzzles on your online whiteboards which require students to find clues online and drop screenshots!

Connect with students who aren’t physically there

It’s easier than ever to teach remotely. On Deekit for example, we have university lecturers, math tutors and language teachers all teaching classes with our online whiteboard as an aid. Education should be open to everyone and with the rise of technology, it is.

Deekit Tip

How about partnering with a class somewhere else in the world and working on a whiteboard project together?

Showcase student projects and presentations

Online whiteboards present a super creative way to showcase student projects and presentations – let messy glue and cello tape become a thing of the past. We’ve seen some excellent uses of online whiteboards for mood boards and project roadmaps, which can all be translated to events in the classroom.

Deekit Tip

Have students embed content from the web to produce visually stunning mood boards. You can even branch out and make them include videos, too!

Get creative with templates, save trees at the same time

The beauty of doing things digitally is that you can create and duplicate as much as you want, without ever worrying about wasting paper. Worksheets and activities that usually have to be printed can be created online and distributed amongst the class. And even better still, checking and marking can be done in the click of a few buttons.

Deekit Tip

Use one of our awesome templates to get the whole class involved or create your own. For younger pupils, our creative colouring templates are perfect.

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