Roles and permissions

Administrators can control all security and administrative settings: change team settings and details, change permissions, manage members and folders.

Full members have access to all boards in a team, can see folders and use all standard features such as creating boards, uploading files, editing and much more.

Restricted members have access to only selected boards that you have specifically invited them to. Restricted members can use all basic features to collaborate on already existing boards shared with them, but they cannot create new boards and edit or delete them.

Check out the tables below to see what each role can do!

– Available

– Only available if allowed by Administrator. By default, it’s allowed.

Working with boards

Admin Full member Restricted member
Create new boards
Edit board details
Delete boards
Duplicate / copy boards
Use templates


Admin Full member Restricted member
Open board
Upload files
Export board
Add content and collaborate
Delete content

Manage team and settings

Admin Full member Restricted member
Invite new restricted members
Invite full team members
Manage board access
Promote a restricted member to full member
Promote a team member to administrator
Demote an administrator
Change team name
Change team avatar
Change team permissions
View team usage statistics
Add and manage payment methods
Change your team plan
View billing statements
Delete team

Manage folders

Admin Full member Restricted member
Create folders
Edit folders
Manage folder access

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