Start using Deekit

Collaborating and getting going with Deekit is simple:

To begin, create a new board.

To create new boards, just click or Tap on “New board” and you’re set. Anywhere you see the plus sign – you can create a new board. Be it on the board grid or the upper toolbar. You can also give your board a name, add a description, tags, and share it with others. Alternatively, you can start by using pre-made templates from our gallery.

Start adding content.

You can draw, write, adding images and other content in Deekit. You’ll find all tools available in the left sidebar.

Invite your team to collaborate.

Invite your team members, clients, and remote colleagues to collaborate together, in real-time. Use emails to invite, or even better – just grab the shareable link. Hold remote meetings, collect real-time design feedback or keep your simple to-do up to date. And of course, any time you can work on your boards at your own pace on your own, too.

Export boards.

Sometimes you don’t want to share the board for editing, but simply send the results or share in social media. We hear you – just export the board and either save it as a file or immediately get shareable URL for your exported content.

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