Guide to Billing

Deekit is free for small teams up to 4 members. Teams with 5 full members or more are asked to upgrade to paid. We believe in fair billing and thus charge only for full members who have joined your team. Any pending invitations and single board sharing does not count.

Premium subscriptions also add features such as advanced access management, using advanced shape library that includes all kinds of shapes for all purposes and adding any content from the web.

Billing at Deekit

1. Check out the Fair Billing Policy to learn more about:

  • How adding and removing members affect your billing
  • How to add new members to paid team
  • Different member types at Deekit

2. Learn How to Upgrade to paid plan

3. Learn how to update your billing and payment details:

  • Manage or change your payment method
  • View billing details
  • View billing history
  • Update your invoice details

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