Fair Billing policy

Deekit is free and allows for an unlimited number of team members on our Free and Solo plans. Teams are limited by the number of boards they can create and access. This is limited to 4 on our Free plan, 50 on our Solo plan and an unlimited number on our Teams plan. Teams who require advanced features should make use of our Teams plan. We believe in fair billing and thus charge only for full members who have joined your team in a Teams plan, where ‘per member’ pricing comes into play. Any pending invitations and single board sharing do not count.


  • Our pricing is tiered by the number of boards you can access for our beginner plans.
  • You are only charged per member on our Teams plan.
  • You’ll only be charged for members that are active on the day that you upgrade to a Teams plan.
  • If you remove all members but yourself, you will be charged for a minimum of one member, unless you decide to downgrade to the Free plan.
  • Any changes to the number of active members will be reflected in your monthly statement.

Adding new members to a Teams plan

If you are on a paid plan and add new full members part way through the billing cycle, we’ll update your subscription and charge for additional users next month. Remember, inviting full members does not affect your billing. But users who accept your invitations and join your team, do. We’ll keep track of all changes to your subscription and all changes are reflected in your monthly statement, too.

Removing members from your team

We keep track of how many full members are on your team. When you remove a user from your team, your subscription is updated. Again, all changes are reflected in your monthly statement.

Types of members

There are three types of users with different roles and access rights in Deekit:

  • Full members have access to all boards in a team, can see folders and use all standard features such as creating boards, uploading files, editing and much more. Full members affect your billing.
  • Restricted members have access to only selected boards that you have specifically invited them to. Restricted members can use all basic features to collaborate on already existing boards shared with them, but they cannot create new boards and edit or delete them. You can invite an unlimited number of restricted members to your team and restricted members do not affect your billing.
  • Administrators can control all security and administrative settings: change team settings and details, change permissions, manage members and folders. Only administrators have access to team billing details.

Tip: You can read more about roles and permissions at Deekit.

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