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Find our all the basics about Deekit and how to get started quickly.

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Deekit basics

Find out everything about tools available in Deekit.

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Team settings

Find out all about administering teams.

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Deekit Account

Learn everything about your account with Deekit.

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Board Grid

Learn about the board grid and navigating around.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Free and Team accounts?

There are two types of accounts in Deekit – Free and Teams.

Free is great to try out Deekit and also when you work in a small team or temporary project and don’t need the advanced features. The team account lets you use all features for work and business purposes.


The Free account comes at no cost and brings all basic features to collaborate – create boards, add text, notes, images, draw and export your boards. And obviously, collaborate with other people in real-time. With a Free account you can create a 5-member team and create up to 4 boards within your Free team. Inviting restricted members to boards remains unlimited.


Team account provides all advanced features your team needs to collaborate quickly. With the Team account, you can invite an unlimited number of members into your team and create unlimited number of boards. Additional features available to Team accounts:

  • Advanced shape library
  • Embedding any content from web onto boards
  • Creating and managing folders
  • Advanced access management
  • Advanced team administration
  • Centralized billing
  • URL sharing
  • Guest accounts

Can I collaborate in real-time?

Yes! When you and your team are on the same board, every participant sees all the changes as they happen in real time. 

What are the supported browsers?

Deekit works on all modern browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, you name it.

There are couple browsers we are currently not available on, though. These include IE and Edge – stay tuned for these!

Is there a native app?

Deekit can run in browser on any device and we are currently available as native app on Android. Download the app here.

Is there an API?

Not yet, but there will be. Until it is available, we’d love to hear more about the API needs and wishes, just click on the little orange chat button in the lower right corner to have a chat with us ☺