Headliner — passionate, musical, fun.

Headliner team sketch via Deekit.

We had a conversation with Stan McLeod, the CEO of Headliner.

Headliner creates unforgettable events. How you ask? They find and help you book the most unique entertainment for your event. Most magnificent wedding, a birthday or even a corporate event is just few clicks away.

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How did you, the founders, meet?

A husband, a wife and a friend make Headliner. Not the newspaper headline, although that would be great too, but a startup team brining main stage performances to every event.

What is the most important team value you have?

Our team motto: work hard, play hard. Keep partying like it’s your job. Oh wait, it is our job.

What is your team culture like?

Anyhow, we take our business very seriously. It’s just fun and good times are just as important. Music and entertainment is usually central to every celebration in our team and we always make sure it’s a big occasion.

We learn from each other every day. We believe in the idea of having one mouth and two ears. Flying to the Y Combinator interview in San Fransisco — was our first foreign business trip as a team and was a huge baptism of fire. The 5 days we spent there solidified out relationships and made us much stronger as team.

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