GoWorkaBit — passionate, fun-loving, distributed.

Gerli sketch via Deekit.

We had a conversation with Gerli Veermäe, the COO of GoWorkaBit.

GoWorkaBit is a small passionate startup that works entirely remotely. You can easily find part of their team working in the middle of a forest or on a train for example. What do they do? As you can guess from the name, you can find a short-term job and simply go work for a bit. Kaisa, our awesome illustrator, has put the platform to a test and she totally loves it! 🙂

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What lead you to create GoWorkaBit?

We originally met at a Garage48 hackathon in Pärnu, Estonia. On October 2013. It was kind of love at first sight and we have been working on the idea and execution of GoWorkaBit since then. In Pärnu we started with 6 people and one mentor — right now the mentor is our CEO and 4 people of the original team are still actively involved.

My favorite moment is when we found or first paying customer. I was a really joyful moment 🙂

What is your team culture like?

Work should be fun and suitable with your lifestyle. When people feel good while working, then the outcome is better. People really want to contribute to the strategy and execution of new ideas.

A lot of companies say that the work environment is flexible. That people can choose where and when they work. Except — they actually have an office and people still go to the office (at least for meetings etc). Probably there’s the silent voice at the back of our heads that keeps saying we should get to the office. With Go Work A Bit we decided to go completely remote. And we love it 🙂 Frankly, the team spirit has never been so high 😉

What tools do you use to work remotely?

Out of many tools for remote teams, chat is widely used at GWB as well. We use Fleep, by the way. And guess what’s the most common thing you’ll find us saying? “Good morning, let’s start with the standup meeting? :)”

Our team is growing at the moment. Today there are 10 people working in our team, but I guess after a couple of weeks there are 14 of us. As a remote team, you don’t have coffee corner fun. But tools keep you covered there too — whenever I open our Fleep chat, somebody has always added some fun into the mix that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.

You always learn a lot from your team. From Kristjan I have learned how to better communicate with our customers and that a sales process can be actually fun. From Ethel I have learned that you can automate a lot of routine tasks. And actually, some routine task are even great to have.

What would be your roles if you got stuck on a deserted island?

Oh, I’d love to be stuck on a deserted island. If there’s internet of course. We’d just continue working and enjoy the time. But if not…
Kristjan (our CEO) will tell everybody to calm down, I will start to figure out a way how to get back to civilisation, Ethel (our CTO) will actually build something that helps us rescue and Elisabeth (our CS agent) will sing and dance for us (she’s a top notch reggae dancer) so we can have a nice time while we’re on the island.

What is the funniest thing that has happened?

Celebrating is even more important when you are remote. Sometimes we sing birthday songs during morning standup meetings (via Skype), sometimes we make a T-shirt with a special design for the birthday kid and sometimes (when we happen to be in the same city), we go out and celebrate in a cafe or a bar.

Amazingly, there is quite a lot of singing in our team. Our CEO Kristjan, for example, sings Christmas carols all the time. Even in the summer…

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