Do these things sound like you? Yes? AVOID REMOTE WORK!

Everywhere you look, people are raving about the benefits of remote work. Yes, we're definitely guilty of it too. But is it really for everyone? If any of these characteristics sound like you, I urge you to save yourself some heartache and avoid remote work. We don't want to say 'We told ya so'!

Working remotely is no walk in the park. Your life may look amazing on Instagram but the reality may be a little different. Here on the Deekit blog we like to focus on the awesome aspects (there are plenty!) of working from anywhere. Even our newest addition, Deekit Premium, is all about working better with others even when you’re not together.

However, we know you guys appreciate a little honesty. The truth is that remote work is definitely not for everyone. It might not fit into your lifestyle or suit your personality. So, who is this way of working not for?

People that hate the thought of working out of hours

Remote workers deal with timezones. All day, every day. One of the team may be working in New York while another is in Sydney (true story here from OhMyGeorge!). If this is true for the company you work at, expect some pretty interesting meeting schedules. Making sure everyone is available for meetings can be tricky in a usual scenario. In a remote business, you’re required to be flexible as hell.

If technology ain’t your thang don’t do it!

If you’re thinking the way you do your day-to-day job is directly translatable to remote work, think again. The way it works is likely to be very different and the biggest change will be in your new-found reliance on technology. If WIFI settings and online troubleshooting scare you, I’d steer clear. Remote teams rely heavily on tech, and more often than not you have to make it work from your side of the screen. You’re going to be spending a lot of time online too, Slack is your new home now.

Some of us just love working face-to-face

Some people thrive on physical interaction. Chats by the water cooler keep them going. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, those chats are often pointless anyway, but the notion is very real. You may not realize it but you might be one of those people who actually really enjoys fa ace-to-face interaction. Some people need it while others don’t. In remote jobs, your face time is going to be nowhere near the same levels as it was before. Often you’ll find interaction with others limited to email, Slack and maybe even a daily Skype call or two. We’re super lucky at Deekit, having a physical office means you can dial in any time. And in all honesty, I couldn’t live without our daily standups. Other companies aren’t as lucky, though…

‘I really, really don’t trust myself’

Remote work isn’t just about others trusting you, it’s about you trusting yourself. In your dream remote job, you will likely have a lot more flexibility than you’ve ever had before. This whole future of work thing has led many businesses to re-evaluate how much trust they put in their employees. You have to get your sh*t done and be more autonomous. Fact.

If you’re someone who gets distracted by shiny things (I’m looking at you, Youtube), really think through a move into remote work. No one is looking over your shoulder in a literal sense anymore. It’s all on you. Don’t get me wrong, remote work may be the catalyst you need to become more trusting of yourself but appreciate where you’re at and understand what sort of structure you need to be successful. Understanding yourself is now more important than ever.

Someone who says: ‘Who actually likes their own company anyways?’

Have you ever walked around the house talking to yourself? I have. Lots of other remote workers will have done this too. I’m not crazy, I promise. But when you spend a lot of time on your own and have to work through scenarios and it often helps to say them out loud.

Slack channels can only save your sanity so much. You are likely to be encouraged to become a master chatter at your remote-friendly company but often you will be on your own. Timezones, again, are a killer for this. Your optimal working hours may fall outside of the rest of the team and you get radio silence everywhere you look!

In Conclusion…

The world of work is changing at a rapid rate. Businesses are adapting to the way millennials in particular want to live their working lives. Not only that, but they’re opening up the talent pool by having access to global talent. Remote work is definitely here to stay but in all honesty, it may not be for you.

So remote work is for you? Sign up for your free account now or upgrade to Premium to take things to next level!

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