Deekit’s gigantic release 5.0 (yep, this is huge.)

Deekit's gigantic release 5.0 is here. The app itself is now more responsive than ever before and boy, does it look beautiful!

Like any good startup, we constantly strive to make Deekit better. We relay all of your feedback to the whole team and a few things just kept coming up:

  • The layout was tricky at times and could be more intuitive.
  • More fonts and tools are needed, fast.
  • An app is a must have, you have got to get one sorted.
  • There was a gap between the product we told the world about (easy-to-use and fun) and the product you got when you logged in (slow and sometimes frustrating).

Okay, so we are probably being a little harsh on ourselves but you get the drift. We needed to do some gap-bridging and align Deekit the product with Deekit the vision.

It’s no secret, our engineering team work damn hard. They’re constantly toiling away. But over the last few weeks they been working like crazy people.

We think we have just made a pretty HUGE stride forward in the life of Deekit.

Alongside our new board grid the Deekit whiteboards themselves have had quite the makeover…



It’s now better than ever. More fonts, more tools, easier to use and it looks amazing (if we don’t say so ourselves!). We hope that the improvements can help our teams around the world get more out of Deekit and collaborate as if you and your team were in the same room.

Oh, and did we mention we have now fully released our kick-ass Android app? It’s now available for download in the Play Store, and it’s totally free.


As with any new release, there may be bugs and for that we apologise in advance. So if you see anything that looks odd then let us know. There may be a little surprise in it for you if you do. 😉

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