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Technologist: Deekit, an online whiteboard
Deekit is an online “whiteboard” that allows several people to work on the same document.
Wired: Startup of the week
Deekit wants to help anyone working remotely to simply visualise and share ideas. The result? A virtual whiteboard.
Geeky Gadgets: Virtual Whiteboard Deekit Online App Available For Free
Teams that need to collaborate and share ideas in the digital world may be interested in a new virtual whiteboard application called Deekit, that is now available to use for free and has been developed by ex-Skype employees.
ArcticStartup: Deekit: Online designer whiteboard
Deekit is an Estonian startup building a shared whiteboard for designers (or anyone needing visual tools) working remotely.
ArcticStartup: Deekit wins Estonian startup competition
Deekit, which offers a shared online whiteboard for designers, won the first prize at the new Estonian early-stage startup competition at Startup Day in Tartu.
TechCrunch: Deekit closes seed round for its ‘infinite whiteboard’ platform for remote teams
Estonia-based Deekit has now closed a seed round of €400,000 in angel investment from investors around Europe, with Spring Capital from Estonia being the lead investor.
TechCrunch: Ex-Skypers Launch Virtual Whiteboard Deekit
Although seriously long in the tooth and being disrupted by a plethora of startups, for many years Skype has existed as an almost ubiquitous app in any remote team’s toolkit.
wwwhatsnew: Deekit, la famosa plataforma de pizarras virtuales, presenta su opción para equipos grandes
Si trabajáis con otras personas remotamente, seguramente conoceréis Deekit, una de las pizarras virtuales más conocidas en la actualidad.
“The opportunities are limitless. Deekit has like invented A4 paper 2.0. You just need to show right examples on what has been done and get the message out.” – Marko Russiver

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