Release notes

Deekit 3.3.2

May 4, 2017

Android app 1.0 as you know is out and ready to roll where-ever you are. We love to hear your feedback - we love you for that, really!

New shapes in the library waiting to popup on your board. How can you brainstorm without adding these on your canvas?

The Embed tool has 5 different modes now.

The board link share was not working as it should. Now you can share your content better than ever!

Our webpage has been updated – it’s now shinier and more user-friendly.

Invite actions have been fixed.

Image upload - You wouldn’t have noticed any bugs here, but we did and we got it fixed.

The payment flow was improved and some bugs were squashed.

The image embed feature works again.

As always there were a gazillion performance improvements and fixes. You’ll notice the board grid loading faster, boards opening quicker and more.

Deekit 3.2.8

March 1, 2017

We’ve added a ‘mailto’ feature for disabled tools so if you’re not an admin with the ability to upgrade your team, you can email an admin and get their butts to upgrade for you!

No one likes to feel squashed, so we have added padding for in-app release notes so you don’t have to hug the narrower modal sides anymore.

Our pricing page has been updated – it’s now shinier and more user friendly than ever.

If ya don’t use it, ya lose it. Well, more like if you don’t pay for it you lose it (but that doesn’t rhyme). Team members are automatically downgraded if your Premium subscription runs out and you don’t pay for it. Admins are given priority, so they stay in the team first. Following this the first full members to sign up have priority with the most recent being removed. Removals keep happening automatically until the team is down to the 4 users allowed in the Free plan. We wish we could give everything away for free. But we’ve gotta eat you know 😄

No more guessing games – board popovers have been updated so now they tell you if your board limit has been reached.

The board exports and template imports were not working as they should, so our engineers fixed them. Now you can export to your hearts content.

Invites are just better (you won’t notice and that’s a good thing, trust us).

The try as a guest feature has been fixed. Be our guest.

Payment and billing flows fixed – we like them because they mean we get paid but we hate them because they’re fiddly to work with. Now the payment and billing flows work exactly as they should. Go team!

Ever invited others to Deekit and had no luck? You probably hit the limit for your team. Now we tell you when you’ve hit the invite max limit. Easy peasy.

We send a couple invite reminders to your team as a friendly reminder. If after third reminder they don’t accept – they are ignoring you.

We’re keeping up the tradition to always fit in a few performance fixes. We’re just mentioning it here so you know, too.

Deekit 3.2.5

February 14, 2017

Love, friends and a whole big long list of things released is in the air. Here’s what’s happened:

You can now start a free trial for Deekit premium without a credit card at hand. Just click the “Start Free trial” button anywhere in Deekit (or here on the pricing page). Then sit back and enjoy your free month of premium.

Free users are limited to 4 boards. We promised there would be always part of Deekit available for free and we are sticking to that. Free teams in Deekit are tailored for smaller teams/groups or personal use. These Free teams now allow up to 4 boards and 4 full members per team. You can still invite unlimited restricted members to boards too. If 4 boards or team members are not enough, we’ve got you covered -> go ahead and try out premium. It comes with a free trial and it’s awesome. We promise. Get it.

All subscriptions are now shown in USD.

We’ve switched our payment provider to provide a whole list of things to you. We can now give you the option of a free trial with no credit card. Lovely codes for goodies to redeem are now easier for us to generate. We’ve got lots planned too, so expect more in the near future. We just wanted to mention this as it’s pretty unnoticeable but it definitely makes Deekit better. So now you know.

Joy of joys – board names are now visible in the url. So those who often feel lost, shall be lost no more.

Never seen the billing section in Admin page before? It’s often hidden. Billing was visible to admins only. But we figured anyone should be able to see the section.

Change your plans in Admin page. From Free to Paid, from Paid to Free, from Monthly to Annual. From Annual to Monthly. What would happen if we added few more choices, interested? 🙂

People you invited haven’t joined yet? – we’ve added them a little email reminder to join in.

Fonts too big, notes to small, post-it’s somewhat ok – something obviously was not right. Size matters. Thus we’ve changed the default sizes around.

Billing history now has expandable billing statements.

Billing overview next charge estimates now include full member invites.

Sent a full member invite to a restricted member and it failed miserably? After many beeps and toots, lots of head banging and just one cup of coffee – devs fixed the bug. You can now send an invite or just change the user role in Admin page.

 While fixing bugs in the invite flow, we’ve terminated several more. Invites. Should. Just. Work.

The ghostly blank board grid after logging in is filled with content now. No need to run for an eye check just yet.

A perfectly reasonable attempt to open pop-over menu with right click now actually opens the pop-over.

Tools settings, such as size and opacity for example, did not respect the numbers you entered. Now they do.

Creating boards under a particular folder in board grid did not agree with your folder selection. You are the boss and whichever folder you create boards in is your call.

You can now actually delete pending invites. We’ll say no more.

Who would have thought that math is useful, when done correctly. We’ve told you before that Free teams can have 4 full members and unlimited restricted members on your boards. Now this is really the case.

Performance improvements and fixes in login, board grid and user invite flows. Faster is better, right?

Panning around on humongous (or even just large) boards is fast. Now moving a huge number of things on these boards is super fast too.

Lots of love, winky smiles and digital heart-shaped chocolates.

Deekit 3.2.2

January 19, 2017

New year, new resolutions. How are yours coming along? We have a long list of resolutions, we call it a backlog. And it contains a whole lot of things you have asked for. And some, which you never did. First on the list is a handy url share feature and adding ways to create account for those who don’t use / cannot use social media (ooh, burn!).

Love a good Android app? Deekit Beta in the Appstore. It’s Android. And it’s good. Get it. You’re welcome.

182 new shapes in the shape library. Not 82, not 100. But 182. Check out the library.

Why there are no social media page templates in Deekit” – you asked. Well… we couldn’t find a better answer than just to add them. Facebook page and Twitter profile templates are here so you can practice and plan how your pages should look.

Change your plan, edit payment methods, edit billing address – zoom into your billing details in admin to modify any of it. Oh, and if you’re still not on the Deekit Premium yet, grab a free trial now and take it for a spin.

Deekit developed horrible habit of not panning upon right-click drag after recent Chrome changes. So this is something we have tamed as part of our New Year resolutions. Right-click, drag and pan away. Any direction. Tip: if you pan too far and get lost, the “Pan home” tool comes to the rescue.”

A whole mountain of performance improvements through your panning experience. Specially on the large boards. Panning is now faster and smoother than ever before. Super fast panning. SO much smoother. TLDR: Super smooth panning.

For the benefit of all those who have sent full member invites via email to a restricted member instead of simply changing their role in Admin page, we now do the trick for you through the email invite flow. No more conflicting invite accept results.

Editing forms and details on the Admin page no longer fails silently. Nice, isn’t it?

Deekit 3.2.0

November 17, 2016

Are you ready to level up with Deekit? After numerous cups of coffee and countless late nights, we are excited to announce the arrival of Deekit Premium. An opportunity for you to help and invest in Deekit and getting new features and changes you ask for, faster.

Read more about the Standard plan on our blog and check out pricing page.

Be bold, be strong, be happy, and most of all, be upgrading.

For the card lovers, link collectors, completists and dashboard lovers – you can now add any content to your boards from the web as cards. Play videos and view slides directly in Deekit. Add website pins, spreadsheets, image cards, cards with additional notes on the side – the choice is yours. Here’s where you’ll find the new tool. You’re welcome.

When you last visited your boards and looked onto the menu for Shapes, it was ok. Just ok. But when you reload, it will be much better. Advanced shape library for any taste are here – design and wireframe, sketch architecture diagrams, work with maps. Or just have fun. Let us know what you think check out the library details.

Change shape color from the shape library, when choosing a shape. Yes, you can change the color once a shape is on your boards, from the very same place.

Create and organize your boards into folders. Give yourself some bright colours and set a custom colour for each folder while you’re at it.

Some of you invited, and others tried to accept invites. They tried and they tried. We squished the bug out of invite accept (with vim, sublime and hammers) and invite accept is working again. Those who got the messy emails with misbehaving links – we will be resending new ones. Very soon.

Team Administrators could not use templates when they disabled members from creating boards under settings. We believe in fairness, so administrators can now use templates even when they disable the feature for everyone else.

Our engineers coded some further clever tricks into Deekit over past couple weeks that makes working with your boards faster. Faster is always better, isn’t it?

The new and improved way to create teams. Literally bigger, less text and way better.

Deekit 3.1.2

November 1, 2016

Our template importer in the gallery wore a book worm costume (it was both creepy and spooky) and came back with a humongous bag full of candy. Treat, no tricks.

New support and help site with many pro tips. Check it out, what do you think?

Manage your teams in the new admin pages. You can manage your team members, their roles and access settings. Manage your teams.

Edit your Deekit profile is available in Admin page. Completing your Deekit profile helps your team members learn more about you. You can add details about yourself, add a profile image and social profile links.

New sign up and team set up. While you can use Deekit just on your own, the center of Deekit is about the people and your team. We have re-designed the team creation to make it easier to invite team members and collaborate. Set up your team.

New user roles. We have introduced new user roles in Deekit for easier sharing. Each member you invite into your team becomes a full team member. Each time you share boards (invite someone to a board), these users become restricted members. Differently from previous access rules, restricted members have access to specific boards now. And, of course, you can promote full members to administrators. Read more about roles.

New invite flow is available in Admin page. You can invite members directly from the admin page and immediately choose their role and access levels.

Deekit application is focused on one team at a time. You can switch between teams in app and Admin page by simply clicking on the “Switch team”.

Create and manage folders. Managing folders is available for premium users in couple weeks. You can manage your current folders and access levels from the Admin page.

Manage team permissions. Administrators can manage who can invite new members, manage folders and manage board access details.

Template import from web gallery was misbehaving recently. We have taught it some manners and you can import templates from the web again. While at it, we also added easier way to select teams to use the templates in. Import templates.

Logging in with Trello and Twitter were having bad-hair days. After some brushing and washing, they are back and well.

’ mark creating excitement in board names and description fields. Ever noticed that the ‘ mark just kept duplicating itself in board names and description fields after saving? It was simply trying to grab your attention, a lot. What we wanted to say is that it’s no longer doing it.

Gazillion performance improvements and fixes. You’ll notice board grid loading faster, boards opening quicker and more. Just like in the Fast and Furious movie. Superfast.

Deekit 3.0.2

September 6, 2016

It has been an eventful summer here at Deekit with many projects and products underway. But before moving forward, here’s a look back at the things we released during the summer.

Our website got a complete makeover. Check it out, what do you think?

Chat with us, right from the app. Instead of sending emails to support, chat with our team both from our website and from the app, too. Ask about features, share your feedback.

We have been busy getting ready for a big launch. As the first step, we released a new login and many updates to settings and team setup will follow soon.

Smoother ink while drawing. Brush and Marker smooth your lines to look good whilst the Pen tool will keep the precision just as you draw. Try now.

Several new templates are available to you once again. We’ve also added entire template gallery for quick preview and access to our website. Check them out.

Shift + click/tap keyboard shortcut adds or removes items from selection one by one. Try now.

Facebook login was misbehaving recently. We have taught it some manners and you can use Facebook to log in again.

Board filtering was not returning correct results. Whilst it’s sometimes good to find things you were not looking for, we felt this is not the place.

Rectangle rotating was not really rotating as it should. With bugs fixed – give it a try now!

Ever noticed that moving or deleting hundreds of items on your boards was a bit slow? We’ll, it’s lightning fast now. Really. And while at it, we also made drawing and board export faster, too.

Some of you noticed that zoom slider wasn’t working well on all browsers and all devices. Issues are now coded away and you the zoom slider works again.

Deekit 2.29.0 New templates for the summer

June 30, 2016

Drawing dots, smoother ink, new templates for sports lovers and colouring fans, new keyboard shortcuts for pros and many fixes, too. It’s been a busy remote working summer for us. What have you been up to recently? 🙂

Drawing a dot is finally possible. Crazy ink-worms will no longer eat away your dots. Just tap anywhere on canvas and dots will appear. Enjoy!

Sports templates have been asked for countless times. These are for you – coaches and sports fans! We’ve added templates for soccer, football, basketball, rugby, hockey and volleyball. Anything else you miss? 🙂 Try now.

Colouring doodle templates for kids and adults. Want to boost your creativity, have fun or simply kill away some boredom? These are tailored just for you. Colour yourself, or with friends and family. It’s more fun together! Check them out.

Freehand rotate by holding down the “rotate” button and moving around. Simple.

New ways to log in and create accounts – Twitter and Trello are here!

Manually enter rotate angle for polygon shapes.

Manually edit and move points for vector and lines. Draw a vector (or a line), select it and move the points around as you like.

Ctrl key to manually add or remove items from the selection. We have nothing more to say on that matter. Period.

Holding down the shift key when moving items snaps items to axis making it easy to move them around.

Alt + moving items are the new copy-paste. Seriously, it’s so much faster. Select, press down alt key and items get duplicated as you move them. Try now.

Drawing just got nicer with line smoothing. Brush and marker will smooth your lines to make your drawings look lovely, whilst pen keeps things very precise, exactly as you draw them. Use responsively. Or not. Up to you.

Drag item to move. Tired of searching for that move button? Well, you no longer need to press the button to move things around. Just grab from the selected area and move away.

Fast moving for large groups of items. Moving around a large group of items on your boards was slow. With some tinkering, several liters of coffee and magic dust, it’s lightning fast now.

Improved item selection. After many improvements and hours of testing, selections are now more accurate and fast to work with.

Layers after layers, things finally are in order. Images stay at the bottom, shapes come next. Then come all kinds of texts and notes. And drawings stay on top of it all. Within each layer group, everything you add last is obviously on top of that group.

We heard some whispers that login was feeling unwell recently. Our awesome creative engineers coded away the bugs and it’s feeling much better now.

Deekit 2.21.0 Releasing basic shapes

May 23, 2016

Guest login, basic shapes, find for boards in your board grid, many fixes and more.

Basic shapes have found their way into Deekit. Lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons and vector tools at your fingertips. Enjoy.

New keyboard shortcuts to work even faster with shapes. Mirrored drawing, snapping and more. Show me.

Guest login is back for new users to try the basics of Deekit before signing up.

New ways to log in. Many have asked us to add more ways to log in. Based on most asked for options, we’ve added Github and several more options are coming next week. While at it, you’ll probably notice a few changes on our login page, too. What do you think? 🙂

Find and filter your boards in the board grid easily. For all those with many boards, just type what you are looking for and we’ll do the rest.

Trash and restore deleted boards right from your board grid. You can see and restore boards deleted within past 30 days.

Double-click on note preview opens note immediately. Just as you asked.

You can now duplicate boards between teams. Choose “duplicate” in the board grid and choose where you want to duplicate it to. Simple as that.

Default pen and zoom settings change. We felt that default settings for pen and zoom level on the boards were not quite right. So we’ve done a few changes – let us know what you think! 🙂

Tools are context aware. For clarity, we activate tools in the toolbar when they can be actually used (as you’d expect) – paste is available only when you have copied something, copy is enabled when you have selected an item and so on.

Post-it note editing bug on mobiles which forced you to click way too many times to add text to your post-it notes has been fixed. Try it out.

Boards open faster. We’ve done several fixes to boost how quickly your boards open.

Better error and feedback when invite accepts fails.

Not able to scroll in pop-overs on mobile devices? It’s fixed now. Scroll away. But not too far.

Deekit 2.17.0 Templates Release

April 27, 2016

Templates, filters for recent boards, many fixes and more.

Templates have gotten a complete makeover and are finally back! Even more – we have added several new ones, too! You’ll find them in your board grid on the left. We’ve made sure that the templates stay always on the background now and you can easily add your own content and work. Show me my templates.

Recent boards filter at the top of your board grid. We show you 4 recently edited boards in all your teams. Show me.

Locking and unlocking selected content from the select tool. Locked content stays out of your way when working on your boards.

Tap-hold on touch screens now opens tool settings anywhere on your boards, similarly as right-click on your desktop.

Welcome and template spaces in board grid – as we have changed how templates are imported, the spaces in your board list have become rather irrelevant. We believe that less is more and that’s why we will hide these spaces away coming Monday, 2nd of May. From now on you are in charge of creating your own spaces 🙂

Image scale and rotate was not feeling well when used in Safari. We’ve handed out medicine so it works just fine now. Try it out.

Panning on trackpad was not really an option before. It is now.

Pinch-zoom on trackpad – no longer changes the zoom level of your browser! So go ahead and pinch-zoom away, it’s much faster.

Those using a mouse said scrolling and zooming was way too jumpy. It’s all nice a smooth now. Cmd/ctr to zoom. Shift to scroll.

Editing your name is now again available under settings. “Me” section.

Text editor had gotten a spring flu on Safari as well – eating up spaces and doing all sorts of odd things. We called doctors and it’s doing well now.

Removing members from teams wasn’t working properly for most of you. That’s fixed too – just open the team you want to edit in your Settings.

Adding administrators to teams and changing team access rights is fixed and available under Settings.

Keyboard shortcut madness release

April 8, 2016

New keyboard shortcuts to get things done faster, copy-paste and much more.

Cmd and Ctr with scroll enable zooming in.

Cut-copy-paste is something you have asked for countless times. It’s finally available in Deekit.

Escape dismisses pretty much anything.

cmd+a selects all your content on boards.

cmd+x does the traditional cut.

cmd+c and cmd+v are there for fast copy-paste.

Quick select and edit notes when clicking on text, notes or post-it’s while text tool is active.

Pinch-zoom available on all touch devices, also in mobile browsers.

Two-finger panning also works on all touch devices and mobile browsers.

Arrow keys to pan around your boards and board grid. Find out all keyboard shortcuts

Ctr+z and Ctr+y to quickly undo-redo your actions.

Note delete confirmation – we were quite eager to delete the notes with just one-click and no confirmation. We’ve added a little warning to give you heads-up there.

You reported several selection related issues (things not selected correctly) that are all now fixed.

Greeting view wanted to take over the world on mobiles. We’ve made it to stick to appropriate size now.

Pop-overs did not fit all mobile screens. It’s now fixed and you can scroll and use all tools on your mobile devices.

Entering long text on canvas that went outside view area broke the app for some users. It’s now fixed and everything works as expected.

Scrollable toolbar on mobile devices to make it possible to select tools when on mobile devices.

New lines being eaten by text-warms is eliminated.

Some reported that you could not scroll through news and help section on some devices. It’s now fixed and you can browse all content 😉

Some boards were slow to open – we’ve given them a boost now.

Deekit v2.0 release

March 30, 2016

Yay! The long-awaited, much-demanded, spring-cleaned, polished and colourful Deekit 2.0 is here.

Board Grid is the new way to look at your whiteboards. There could be hundreds of them if you’d like. Sorted nicely in columns by your teams. Zoom in and out on your board grid, pan around.

Post-it notes have been a hot topic in our support for a while. How can you brainstorm without adding these on your canvas, right? We have enjoyed dogfooding post-it notes in our scrum board for a while. Now you can, too. Read more

Long notes and previews have been a little-discovered feature. We were good at hiding it away. But no more: notes are there, in red and bold. With different preview options to play with as well. Read everything about notes.

If your mind wants to wander off in some direction and you cannot find your way home, we’ve added a button, just for you. Pan home anytime anywhere.

Select and deselect all. For all the bold tigers who want to change everything on your boards in one go – select all is at your fingertips.

Tired of the same old pen? Try out something new – the brush and marker can make a big difference. Don’t forget to experiment with colours and opacity while at it. Read more

Straight lines. Did someone say straight lines? Straight lines!

Settings has gotten some pimping and peaching. Easy access management and team creation, how cool is that?

Often typing the same notes again and again? We’ve added templates for the most common things you have mentioned. Meeting notes, set your OKRs or other. As many as you’d like.

Tool settings. Begone the awkward box-like menu to edit items on your boards. Shoo, go away! And hello, the new tool settings. Switching brushes, colors and size are just a right-click away. Read more. And then go ahead, try it.

Connection status is something you care about only once it’s gone. Isn’t it so? Our notification system has received a makeover and it even puts on some lipstick and blush, depending on the event.

Toolbar. Less is more, don’t you agree? No more searching for tools from different sidebars. Everything is in one place – right at the top. Draw, write, add images. Have fun.

Fresh out of the oven is the new Zoom toolbar. Smoother. Easier to use. Just awesome.

Million fixes and fine-tuning can be described in two words: performance improvements. It’s big. It’s massive.

Deekit v1.4.0 bugfix release

February 17, 2016

We have been busy working on the new grand improved version of Deekit which we are now testing. But some things felt we cannot live with anylonger. So we ordered bug-terminators and here’s the result.

Tooltips have been a hot topic recently in our support. And although we really like the conversations with all of you, we still added them in the app.

One-click selection is there to stay. In selection mode drag to select groups. Or just click once to choose the one. You choice.

Importing insanely large images on canvas. With some magic dust, we resize your images into size that is manageable for you now. 4000×4000 pixels is more than enough, don’t you think? 🙂

In case you haven’t noticed, a whole lot of tinkering, bug herding and sprucing has happened in our web and blog. What? – you say. You are looking at our first ever release note, for starters 🙂

Logged out too often. Exercising often is good. Drinking water a lot is great as well. Logging into apps constantly not so much. Thus, begone the constant login requirement in Deekit, too. Grab a cup of water, instead.

Image export notifications that wanted to take over the world are now kept within the lovely limits of opened boards.

Tutorial boards not opening for some users. Who would have thought that you actually want to open the tutorial? But hey, now you can.

Deleting notes not working. A nasty big fat bug decided that thou shall not delete your notes. We’ve replaced it with a note-warm who happily crunches them away.

Logo on top of content when exported. When exporting images, Deekit logo massively wanted to overtake your content. Probably because your content is really awesome. Anyhow, we have kindly asked it to keep it’s distance from now on.