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Visual collaboration sketch with Deekit
Visual collaboration is taking over the world
Taking into consideration that 90 per cent of information entering the brain is visual and that visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text, we can rightly ask whether the visual collaboration isn’t incorporated enough in our daily team communication.
Slush sketchnote: Leland Melvin on not giving up
Never give up
Leland Melvin, an American engineer and a former NASA astronaut, speaks about why you should never give up.
Sketchnote from Websummit: Bono about movies and music
Bono about movies and music in the 21st century.
While being at Web Summit this year, we had the opportunity to listen and take our sketch-notes of several talks, including the amazing talk by Bono, Eric Wahlforss, Dana Brunetti, David Carr and Bill McGlashan about movies and music in the 21st century.