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Why did we switch from Braintree to Stripe?
We recently switched from Braintree to Stripe. Read on to hear about the ups, the downs and the key takeaways for us and the team. Why did we make the move? Buckle up, it's time to find out.
Student brainstorming with Deekit
How can an online whiteboard revolutionize your teaching?
Technology has made its way into today's classrooms, much like it has into our everyday lives and there's no stopping it. But how can an online whiteboard be useful in taking your teaching to the next level? Check out our latest article to find out, oh and there are some awesome teaching tips in there too!
Kristo working remotely
5 things you must do to be a badass remote worker
For those new to remote work, it can be a struggle. It's a lot of responsibility and those traditional office habits can be tough to break. But don't worry, we're here to guide you in the right direction... we've got your back. Read on to learn the five things you must do to be a badass remote worker.
Merry Christmas from Deekit
Stop changing the world (temporarily) this Christmas
It's that time of year when the world comes to a standstill. If you're anything like us, you've been busy trying to change the world all year long. But now's the time to do something a little different. What exactly? Well read on to see why should you stop your mission temporarily this Christmas...