Release notes

Deekit 3.3.1

April 3, 2017

URL Sharing - What if you could share any board with anyone with the click of a button? Now anyone on our Premium plans can. Sharing is caring!

A sparkly new website - Sometimes you just need a change. You may have noticed our website has had a facelift. Increased usability and awesome on the eye. We got it done.

Kickass templates - You ask. We build. Our Template Library is forever being added to. Check out the Value Proposition Canvas and Product Launch Checklist 😉

Shapes, shapes, shapes! - We added more to our huge shape library (but remember, these are for Premium users only!).

We changed the sidebar to be closed automatically when team is selected - so no more confusions.

Image export works again - For a while it wasn’t exporting as an export should. But now it’s back to it’s old exporting ways.

The board exports and template imports were not working as they should, so our engineers fixed them. Now you can export to your hearts content.

Email invites fixed - Same as above. Invites are back in full flow!

Image upload - You wouldn’t have noticed any bugs here, but we did and we got it fixed.

Team Labels of boards are now fixed!

The payment flow was improved - now it’s easier than ever to upgrade.

Fixed member delete - If you don’t want someone on your team they really do disappear on the click of a button.

Export popover - it pops over as it should.

Guest mode updated - it got a little facelift.

A user + a token = team/folder data is fully loaded!

Good grammar is important, so we fixed typos and sentence issues in upgrade email to admins.

Facebook login bug fixed.

The trial day calculations are all a-okay.

Deekit 3.2.2

January 19, 2016

New year, new resolutions. How are yours coming along? We have a long list of resolutions, we call it a backlog. And it contains a whole lot of things you have asked for. And some, which you never did. First on the list is a handy url share feature and adding ways to create account for those who don’t use / cannot use social media (ooh, burn!).

Love a good Android app? Deekit Beta in the Appstore. It’s Android. And it’s good. Get it. You’re welcome.

182 new shapes in the shape library. Not 82, not 100. But 182. Check out the library.

Why there are no social media page templates in Deekit” – you asked. Well… we couldn’t find a better answer than just to add them. Facebook page and Twitter profile templates are here so you can practice and plan how your pages should look.

Change your plan, edit payment methods, edit billing address – zoom into your billing details in admin to modify any of it. Oh, and if you’re still not on the Deekit Premium yet, grab a free trial now and take it for a spin.

Deekit developed horrible habit of not panning upon right-click drag after recent Chrome changes. So this is something we have tamed as part of our New Year resolutions. Right-click, drag and pan away. Any direction. Tip: if you pan too far and get lost, the “Pan home” tool comes to the rescue.”

A whole mountain of performance improvements through your panning experience. Specially on the large boards. Panning is now faster and smoother than ever before. Super fast panning. SO much smoother. TLDR: Super smooth panning.

For the benefit of all those who have sent full member invites via email to a restricted member instead of simply changing their role in Admin page, we now do the trick for you through the email invite flow. No more conflicting invite accept results.

Editing forms and details on the Admin page no longer fails silently. Nice, isn’t it?

Deekit 3.0.2

September 6, 2016

It has been an eventful summer here at Deekit with many projects and products underway. But before moving forward, here’s a look back at the things we released during the summer.

Our website got a complete makeover. Check it out, what do you think?

Chat with us, right from the app. Instead of sending emails to support, chat with our team both from our website and from the app, too. Ask about features, share your feedback.

We have been busy getting ready for a big launch. As the first step, we released a new login and many updates to settings and team setup will follow soon.

Smoother ink while drawing. Brush and Marker smooth your lines to look good whilst the Pen tool will keep the precision just as you draw. Try now.

Several new templates are available to you once again. We’ve also added entire template gallery for quick preview and access to our website. Check them out.

Shift + click/tap keyboard shortcut adds or removes items from selection one by one. Try now.

Facebook login was misbehaving recently. We have taught it some manners and you can use Facebook to log in again.

Board filtering was not returning correct results. Whilst it’s sometimes good to find things you were not looking for, we felt this is not the place.

Rectangle rotating was not really rotating as it should. With bugs fixed – give it a try now!

Ever noticed that moving or deleting hundreds of items on your boards was a bit slow? We’ll, it’s lightning fast now. Really. And while at it, we also made drawing and board export faster, too.

Some of you noticed that zoom slider wasn’t working well on all browsers and all devices. Issues are now coded away and you the zoom slider works again.