8 Ways Remote Marketing Teams Can Benefit from an Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards help remote marketing teams collaborate and share information. Here are the benefits that remote marketing teams can get from an online whiteboard.

Online whiteboards help remote marketing teams collaborate and share information. These tools provide greater flexibility to those who are used to drawing diagrams and writing ideas on a physical whiteboard inside a meeting room.

I have been discussing with many marketing teams, why they really use whiteboards in their daily work and how it helps. One of these teams includes people doing marketing at Transferwise and here’s what they told me:

Between our teams in Tallinn, London and New York, we have been sending a lot of long e-mails and screenshots. Deekit gives us a great tool to communicate visually in real-time.

So what really are the benefits different teams see?

1. Seamless Team Communication

I never worry about multiple messengers and email chains. Instead, we communicate with the team and gather feedback in real-time. I also love being able to choose if I want to use a tablet or mobile, being on the go or working inside the office.

You cannot carry a physical witeboard and markers in your pocket. At least I don’t have pockets big enough. And even if you could, you still would be collaborating with yourself. Not with team members in other locations.

2. One Place for All Information

You can keep everything in a single place. It enables to collecting different content into one place like post-it notes, spreadsheets, documents, images, notes and more. The information gathered during the research phase comes from various sources. An online whiteboard allows you to gather this information and view it in one platform.

3. Flexibility

Physical whiteboards have limitations that you won’t have to worry about when using the online version. For instance, if the whiteboard inside your meeting room runs out of space, you either need to get another whiteboard or erase something just to continue your work. Online tools don’t set you that kind of limits.

4. Share Information

They run also on a computer, making it easy for members of the team to share information. It is possible to insert digital images instead of using drawing tools. You can copy and paste information so that everyone can use and see it. Adding links to information on various websites is also easy.

5. Real-time Collaboration

Physical whiteboards require you to be in the same room to see what is written on it.

An online whiteboard is limitless. Wherever we are, we can work with the entire team. We can work remotely, in different offices, it really doesn’t matter. Use tablets, desktop computer or laptop. We can work the way it feels best for our team.

6. Save time

I’ve totally forgotten dealing with endless emails and routine documents. Instead, it takes me few seconds to play with images, draw things out and write. I do it in one place without switching tools constantly saving me a lot of time and effort. There are various tools at hand that help to make working and communicating with team members as convenient as possible.

7. Create Multiple Whiteboards

Don’t want to erase your whiteboard content as it still contains important information you want to work with? I know how that feels. I really appreciate the fact that you can set up several whiteboards online at once. For instance, I can work on one to create a marketing campaign and use another one to discuss in detail the product roadmap. And of course saving links and load them anytime you want are handy.

8. Things are Made Simpler

Online whiteboards are made to be simple. These tools help to make discussions faster, particularly for people working remotely. You can share concepts with anyone. I not only use it for work but also help my friend study math for example.

What would you add to the list? 🙂

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