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Who wouldn’t want to have everything under control while still keeping their passion and having the best results? So do I. I’ve been playing in professional football club for years having quite an intense schedule (Nõmme Kalju, in case you are curious). Yet I’ve been always curious about business, leadership and marketing. That’s why I ended up studying in Estonian Business School and now I’m also working at Deekit. How do I make it all work?


A few years ago that I was busy having no time. It seemed that if time was money, then I needed a loan. Huge loan. That’s when I started diving deeper into how to increase my productivity. I stumbled upon a fantastic book called The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Dr. Daniel J. Levitin. It was satisfying to come across with scientific proofs how to solve my problem. I learned that having a plan for your tasks helps to reduce the unnecessary stress that comes from trying to remember everything. Dividing bigger projects into smaller tasks helps you to stay on track with higher motivation. Also checking off a finished task from your to-do list gives an extra motivation and contributes to notice your progress. It’s all about feeling motivated and making steps towards your end goal.


Studying at University was a perfect opportunity to make the most out of this knowledge. In the class called Development of Study Skills, we had to do a calendar for the whole semester. It had to include all the assignments and exams we had. It sounded a bit funny for some students, but now I already knew what the lecturer wanted to achieve with this homework (higher productivity!). Understanding the potential benefits of my work gave me a lot of extra motivation. I wrote down all the tasks and also added some extra information like when I needed to start with the next project or how much effort it would take. It also helped me when I had to reorganize and rank the tasks in busy times because sometimes unexpected things do happen.  And it worked like a charm. I was always ahead of my schedule and having time to enjoy the learning process to the fullest. Having control over every task and liability that I had, was one of the most powerful feelings I’ve experienced.


  • Create a study schedule and follow it. Splitting the materials into manageable tasks will help you get through the study more effectively. By splitting the tasks into a schedule, you can keep track of what you’ve accomplished. Instead of looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed.


  • Plan your unplug time. Human body cycles through ultradian rhythms, meaning we can only focus for 90-120 minutes at a time. Plan your study schedule and take breaks between to maximize your productivity.


  • Review your calendar in the evening. By making sure you have a clear goal and plan for each day, you are more likely to follow the plan as well.


  • Do one thing at a time. The human brain cannot be in two places at the same time. So whenever you think you are multi-tasking, your brain keeps switching between tasks and decreasing your productivity up to 40%.


  • Go outside. And when you can’t bring outside inside. Research shows that we are more productive after spending time outdoors. Being surrounded by trees and plants stimulates and inspires creativity and productivity.


  • Track your time – Time tracking will boost your productivity as you will see how much time you spend on a task (and also how much time you wasted).

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Looking back at the previous academic year, I can say that making these calendars was essential.  That’s why I started working on new Calendar templates by Deekit, so you could also make the most out of this basic planning tool. If you value your time as I do, then exploring the Deekit Calendar template is something for you. We’ve made this Calendar template based on our experience so you can increase your productivity for the whole academic year with one day. Deekit has all the extra options to personalize your template and use it in every possible way. I’ve already made my calendar for this year. Using many of the extra options to customize my calendar with Deekit has made it a lot more interesting than to copy a blank calendar from the internet. Hope you enjoy it as well! 😊

Take a look at our other planning templates that will help you to organize your life and work.


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