5 things you must do to be a badass remote worker

For those new to remote work, it can be a struggle. It's a lot of responsibility and those traditional office habits can be tough to break. But don't worry, we're here to guide you in the right direction... we've got your back. Read on to learn the five things you must do to be a badass remote worker.

By 2020, it’s suggested that 50% of the world is going to be working remotely.

Wait, it’s 2017 already?!

Luckily, we have a three years (or thereabouts) to get it right. At Deekit we’ve been working remotely for a while now. We handily highlighted what remote workers shouldn’t be doing in a previous article, so now we thought it was only right to tell you what they should do too.

Move around more

Remote workers can be some of the worst when it comes to exercise. We can’t help it sometimes! We’re often glued to laptops and phones coding, building marketing plans or designing beautiful things. It’s easy to put exercise on the backburner.

But guess what, it’s important to stay healthy (if you didn’t know already!). You might not be able to meet up with the rest of your team for early morning yoga but you can still work out together.

Who needs a break? You do

Working remotely is great for concentration. You can literally block out everything… But this comes at a cost.

It’s easy to neglect breaks and keep working on an endless cycle of coffee and snacks. It’s important to take some time away from your laptop. Walk around, read a book, do something that isn’t work related. We actually love the pomodoro technique to help tell us when we need to take a break.

Experiment with working styles

This isn’t school anymore, you’re an adult now. The likelihood is that your awesome remote-friendly employer let’s you set your own hours. As long as your work gets done, who cares when you do it?

This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about how you’re most effective! So experiment.

Do you know if you work best in the evening or in the morning? Does your energy disappear in the early afternoon? Or do you prefer to work in thirty-minute bursts or three-hour marathons?

These are all questions you can now answer. So analyze it. You can now become a productivity machine!

Become a task master

Building on the previous idea, it’s crucial that you become a pro when it comes to managing your tasks. You have you be on top of this stuff. By understanding the way you work more you will be able to optimize this too!

Maybe you get a kick out of ticking to-do’s from your list. If you do why not start with the easiest tasks first and cut that thing down? Equally you might benefit from tackling the toughest challenges straight off the bat.

However you do it, just make sure you know how to be as effective with your tasks as possible. You can do this.

Do your best to keep home life and work separate

Sitting around all day in your PJ’s and getting paid while you do it sounds like a dream in theory. Unsurprisingly though this sort of scenario can be a real remote-work-buzzkill. If you can make it happen, work from somewhere that isn’t home.

There are a ton of amazing co-working spaces for you to check out or if you can handle the background noise, check out some coffee shops. If you can’t get away from home because of kids or some other reason, at least cordon off some space that is only for you.

A running theme in this article has been optimization. Remote work is honestly a chance to level up your habits and make yourself a whole lot more effective!

Interested in learning how Deekit can help you as a remote worker? Sign up for your free account or try out Premium for free to supercharge your productivity!

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